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10 Proven ways to get whitelisted for NFTs.



Getting whitelisted for NFTs is not an easy game as it gives holders chances to earn millions of dollars. Most of the time people participating in discord whitelisting only have around 100 messages which are generally memes, jokes or just begging for whitelist.

The makers of the NFTs would only whitelist people who they think really care about the community and bring real value to the project.

Here are the 10 proven ways to get whitelisted for NFTs.

1. The First Mover

Joining a project super early, first 50, 100, or 500 have great odds of getting whitelisted as the project would simply give you an OG role for their discord server.

How to find a discord server super early? there are 2 ways to do that

  1. Upping your tweeter game, using a tool like Tweetdeck would expand your view horizon and improve your Twitter economics, following the right people and maybe you can get lucky.
  2. Join a group of people who are actively searching for a discord server and participate with them that way you will multiply your chances of finding a great project super early.
Tweet Deck

2. Inviting People

For invites, one can share projects, join groups and share new projects links when everyone in the group clicks your link they are automatic get invited thus increasing your chances.

Using shill zones on discord, shill zones are basically zones to share messages, projects freely sometimes someone shares a project with a great picture in it thus you get to know the project early and you might want to get whitelisted for that project

3. Levelling up

The easiest way to get whitelisted is simply by paying for invites on Fiverr, other way is to Level up by actively participating and having a real conversation around the project in the community. Setting aside 30 minutes a day grinding on discord is a good strategy.

Another way is to buy a Mee6 Pro, that would cut down your XP requirement OR get a discord Nitro which lets you change your profile picture on that server, you can change your profile picture or share a sneak peek that would be a way to share your love and support for the project.

4. Art Contest

There are different kinds of Art contests like creating art, 3D renders, music for servers, etc if you have any of the skills you are already one level up.

If you are not that artistically gifted you can always get art created using Fiverr to create a Chibi version of the same collection created, bearing in mind that the art should not show up on their example Art page on Fiverr.

5. Portray your self as Girl

The NFT Space is filled with males only, if you portray yourself as a cute little girl putting a feminine name would surely help you get whitelisted.

6. Giveway

Another way is to win a whitelist giveaway on Twitter, the harsh reality around them is that they are meant to be a marketing tool for the collection your chances of winning the giveaway are 1 in 1000.

7. Using Bots

By using bots you can stay active on discord and increase your XP rating, there are different kinds of bots in the market some push out messages like “GM”, “I Love this project” and some are highly sophisticated can actually reply and converse like humans.

8. Winning Games

Many discord servers host crab games, smash cards, league of legends if you are good at games try playing some and in a WL Spot.

If you are not that good at games simply hire one to play for you on Fiverr :).

9. Content Creation

Creating content is a simple (No Brainer) way of winning a WL as you are already searching for projects all day so why not create content share your views and grow your audience that way you can easily get a WL. It can be TikTok, Twitter, Instagram for short content, or YT video for long content.

10. Virtual Assistant

Let’s say you have a job or you have some other work, you can hire a virtual assistant and ask him to grind it for you that way you can win the spot, they are super cheap to get on UpWork of Fiverr.


Make burner discord accounts, if you find a project that you know is gonna blow up or is super easy to get into deploy burner accounts into them try getting 4-5 or 10 whitelist spots rather than just one.

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