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3 Best Metaverse Games to Follow in 2022

World of Warcraft is one of the most trending online role-playing games in the world. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment since 2004. A boy named Vitalik Buterin from Canada was a WoW fan and avid player. At some point in 2010, he discovered in the game that one of his key characters was frustrating. There are no warnings, messages or consents. The character weakened.


Events like the ones above have triggered the growth of Web3 games. An unauthorized environment where gamers are likely to own in-game assets and IDs. Most of these games have an immersive virtual world, called the Metaverse.

This offers seamless savings potential in-game commerce with minimal counterparty risk.  Many Web 2 games have created an informal grey market for related aspects like skins, assets, and characters. In Web3, all these markets are on-chain, which makes them more transparent.

Players can trade assets in the form of NFTs. And in-game currencies in the form of cryptocurrencies. These liquid markets enable the creation of revenue opportunities. And, thus the term PlaytoEarn (or P2E), or, as Eva Wu of Mechanism Capital says, “fun monetization”.

Everyone in the P2E space knows big names like Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained. The Sandbox and many more. There are many upcoming games with unique products that are interesting.

The Best 3 Metaverse Games to Follow in 2022

Magic Craft

Magic Craft

Magic Craft is a cross-platform “war and conquest” -MMORPG. Developed at BSC and powered by the Unity game engine. A unique feature of Magic Craft is that it provides a free play mode also to the P2E mode. 

Relating to range and gameplay. Magic Craft has the potential to popular titles such as World of Warcraft and League of Legends. What makes this game stand out is the use of blockchain technology. This provides the Magic Craft Metaverse. With features not available on the centralized MMORPG platform.

The user’s main goal is to team up with other players to build clans. And fight against rival clans. There are seven other powerful castles built by the elders. Each week, each clan fights for ownership of the castle, and the winning king gets taxes from the empire as a reward.

Magic Craft offers other game modules. Such as P2P battles, quests, Guild Wars and tournaments. Players take part in battles through in-game characters called heroes. Each hero gets published as an NFT. He has his own set of powers and abilities. These heroes can upgrade by equipping items such as weapons, armour, and spells. All these pass as NFTs.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is an open world space exploration MMORPG. It connects on the Solana blockchain. The game promises a completely immersive galactic 3D world with Nanite. The Unreal Engine you can experience in virtual reality (VR).

At Star Atlas, users need a spacecraft to search for celestial bodies and resources on the ground. In finding such assets, they must “bet” their claims, “mine” them, refine them, and trade with other players. 

Players can fight other players and plunder ships to get scarce resources. You can also engage in a variety of other mining-related activities. Such as trading raw and refined ore, transporting freight, and manufacturing retail parts.

In the default exploration mode. The exterior and interior of the spacecraft visualize. Players can also switch to first-person cockpit view and navigate the ship. This view provides a much more immersive experience and is perfect for VR games.

The Star Atlas ecosystem provides an NFT marketplace. Players can buy and sell ships, assets, mining equipment, collectibles. And other in-game items. These items can configure for missions, requesting land, crafting ships, configuring space stations. And setting mining operations to set the stage of the in-game economy.



The idea for Treeverse came from Loopify’s NFT project called NF Trees. Which started on February 21st. NFTrees is a collection of 420 generated pixelated trees. After this introduction, the first iteration of the Treeverse concept began, including a place to hang out. This is an option for social media in virtual space.

As a result, Treeverse was only started as an MMO, allowing anyone to chat with others. And explore the open world Metaverse as an avatar. Plots in this virtual world (called founder plots) can own as NFTs. Thus the owners of NFTrees received free embossing for properties in the Metaverse. But on August 1, 2021, embossed over 10,000 properties for other properties at 0.125 ETH each. Everything was cast immediately. Treeverse provides a personal home for all real estate owners to view their NFT collections. And invite their friends to visit. Early private alpha releases only gave landowners access to join. And explore the Metaverse. But now anyone with a Metamask wallet can join the game.


As encryption and NFT acceptance grows. Web3 is becoming the standard for application, platform, and game development and design. As a result, the game will become commercial. And players will find that they can enjoy doing their favourite activities and earn. The era of P2E is in its infancy at present. 

NFTically’s vision is to enable users including artists, gamers, communities, influencers, enterprises, studios, corporations, event managers. And more to set up their own NFT store without any technical knowledge. You can get full exceptional information on Metaverse Games that are to follow in 2022.

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