5 NFT Projects that can make you rich in February 2022 – Part 1


A detailed list of 5 NFT Projects that can make you rich in 2022.

1) Collider CraftWorks

The first one on the list is colliderCraftWorks they have a solid team behind them, creating great high-definition 3D characters having great production value with motion bringing more value to the project.

They would be providing a virtual wallet and characters would be able to collect accessories, all the information would be safely secure on the in-house chain.

Outside the NFT space, the team behind the project has worked on characters from Mortal Kombat, Assasins Creed, and Injustice upping the level of their work. In the future, they will be working on creating powerful tools content, and experiences for the next generation of creator brands and IPs.

They have a pretty amazing twitter following and good engagement on Twitter, they have also partnered up with NFT influencers like Bentoboi, DarkEchleon. They have around 47K Followers and an average of 500 retweets per tweet.

Overall the project would bring great value in the future due to their amusing 3D characters.

2) Clementine’s Nightmare

Second, on the list is Clementine’s nightmare which is a P2E (Play To Earn) NFT game with dang 3D characters and an awesome team behind the project.

Their Roadmap is solid and has a pretty decent following on Twitter. Vising their website gives us a great picture of the project.

A total of 10 different characters with a maximum supply of 500 unique assets each, totaling 5,000 NFT Assets would be released in pre-sales in Feb 2022. Upon game release, users would have to unlock INK token which is their form of currency

One of the main reasons why Clementines Nightmare is on the list is because of their partnership with Petrolad, the company behind the Call of Duty Franchise, Ghostwire Tokyo etc.

3) Antonym

Antonym follows a different strategy which makes it perfect for collaboration with Brands and IP’s make their items super collectible and rare.

They have better a high Twitter following and their NFTs are unique in a very different way. Just look at this 2 headed whale.

They don’t have a website and getting into their discord is pretty tough due to the strict entry of like-minded people only.

4) Troverse

Trovers is another P2E game based out of galaxy and planets, A total of 10,000 Planets would be released as NFT’s which users can own.

They have a good roadmap, and the development started pretty early Oct – 2022 and would release their game this Q4 2022.

They have teamed up with Influencers for promotions and have giveaways regularly, they have a great following on their Twitter and around 900 retweets per tweet. The planets are ERC-721 tokens that can be easily bought using Ethereum.

Troverse NFT
Troverse NFT Souce: https://troverse.io

5) Rubber Duck Bath Party

A fun PFP (Profile Picture) NFT project by awesome Artist Gal Shir, this artwork is fun and unique and pretty different.

The collection is of 10,000 hand-drawn, party-loving, dynamic NFT Ducks stored on ERC-721 on Ethereum Blockchain.

They have a low Twitter Following right now but this project can be expected to be picked up like BAYC or Cool Cats.

Similar to BAYC Mutation your ducks get Mutated after a bath party to which you are invited.

Rubber Duck Bath Party NFT
Rubber Duck Bath Party NFT Source: https://duck.art/


These are some of the amazing NFT Projects one should definitely see and check out in Feb 2022.

Below is the summary.

NameTwitterDiscordPopularity (1-10)Roadmap (1-10)Tech (1-10)
Collider CraftWorks46KPrivate8910
Clementine’s Nightmare 39KPrivate7109
Antonym 86KPrivate105
Rubber Duck Bath Party7K7K798

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