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5 NFT Projects that can make you rich in February 2022 – Part 2

A detailed list of 5 NFT Projects that can make you rich in 2022-2

1) The Cryptoids

A collection of 7777-pixel art virtual pets. that can be bred and raised. The game is much like Tamgachi or pokemon.

There are basically 7 families of Cryptoids based on colors and types: Clouds, Sea, Jungle, Volcano, Glacier, Space, Autumn Forest.

The Cryptoid NFT are themselves interactive which means you can interact with them on the Opensea market itself just like @GenerativeDug.

Their team is constantly working for a game release and has partnered with @NFTLLama, this project has a great potential to be a great blockchain game due to the uniqueness and ease of new character generation unline 3D Art.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/The_Cryptoids

2) Mono Locco

What makes this project unique is cool art and organic community engagement on discord. They have an insane 839 boosts which tells how much the community is willing to grow this project, one boosts costs $2.5 and they have 839. They have 6666 NFT items.

The people in the discord chat are all very active in raising the value and hype of all-over projects.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MonoLocco_

3) MetaTribes

There hasn’t been much information around this project, to this point all we know is that it is designed by Transformers designer L.Robert. Sneak Peeks look pretty dope!!. They don’t have any roadmap or website yet, so we need to carefully watch this project.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheMetaTribes

4) Evolution apes

With an immense Twitter following and a great team behind, this project is definitely going to get bonkers.

Just like mutating your BAYC Ape, one can breed their evolution apes to create a new Evolution Chimp with its own unique traits.

A total of 10,000 hand-drawn apes are there each having unique traits.

The Roadmap of the project looks amazing and has a community rewarding roadmap, A percentage of the collection would go for charity and some to the community wallet for growing the project even more.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EvolutionApes

Evolution Apes NFT Source: https://evolutionapes.com

5) Tronwars

Cool, Intricate, and Futuristic 3D human robots by a great team of digital artists who have worked on famous projects. There will be 8,888 total characters. There won’t be any issue or disappointment on rarity or uniqueness of artwork as the team has industry renowned artists Michael Weisheim who has been in the industry for 15 years at Ubisoft.

Looking at the roadmap most cool thing about it is the BabyTrons which would be airdropped on a Tron holder which would be as detailed as the original collection, sounds awesome!

Holders of Legendary Tron would get a chance to participate in a contest for Human Sized 3D Printed Trons. Holder of Tron would make you a member of DOA that would allow you to participate and give direction for the future regarding technology, marketing, etc.

Holders would also be a part of the Holders Backers Program that would allow that would help start an entrepreneurial project from the community with Backing from private investors.

Access to private events and metaverse integration is also planned in the line ahead.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetronwars


These are some of the amazing NFT Projects one should definitely see and check out in Feb 2022.

Below is the summary.

NameTwitterDiscordPopularity (1-10)Roadmap (1-10)Tech (1-10)
The Cryptoids13KPrivate898
Mono Locco 31K134K1058
MetaTribes 35.6K78
Evolution Apes 11.6K52K5108
Tronwars 50K90K91010

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