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All LAND Owners are Eligible but Some Will Receive More!

New Year The Sandbox

To celebrate 2021 milestones and thank the community, The Sandbox is running a major SAND Airdrop to all LAND owners! This aligns with the open NFT metaverse’s goal to make 2022 the year of builders. In addition, the team is challenging the community to “hold for now then get ready to build.”

The Sandbox has plenty of reasons to celebrate 2021. First, it launched its very first play and earn season that gave over 20,000 players the chance to explore The Sandbox Metaverse for the first time. As of January 2022, it pulled in over 17,000 LAND owners and distributed over 80M SAND tokens. So this airdrop will be a way to boost the ecosystem further.

New Year The Sandbox' SAND Airdrop
The Sandbox has a new year’s treat for its users! Credit: The Sandbox

About The Sandbox’s SAND Airdrop

Anyone owning at least one LAND as of December 20th, 2021, at 00:00:00 UTC (time of the snapshot) will be eligible for the reward. In terms of airdrop amount, the team is rewarding early supporters. So the earliest you bought your LAND, the more bonus points you get.

The Sandbox also gave a special shoutout to its diamond hands users by doubling their points. Basically, these are users who purchased a LAND from one of the first three presales and held onto it until the December 20th, 2021 snapshot. So to know which reward you’ll get, all you have to do is add the base score to the bonus score.

The Sandbox' Airdrop Amount Matrix

The Sandbox Airdrop Chart
The reward model puts a high priority on diamond hands holders! Credit: The Sandbox

So if you currently hold 7 LANDs and you were the original buyer for those 6 LANDs from the first Presale, you get the Diamond Hand multiplier on them! The calculation now is 7 + (3x6x2) = 43 Points. With this score, you are now placed in the Magnate tier and will get 500 SAND.

To make things seamless, users don’t need to do anything to claim their SAND tokens. The team will take care of airdropping it to the wallets of the qualified users via the Polygon network.

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