AlnSphere NFT | collection of 9999 unique Aliens From The planet Spheron

NFT’s have taken the world by storm and 2021 was marked as the ultimate year of NFT’s and the Metaverse. From Beeple’s $69 Million Dollar Artwork sales to CryptoPunks crazy NFT Bonzana, if you’re not in into the game of NFT’s by now, you’re missing a big opportunity.

What’s next for NFT’s and the world of Metaverse you may ask and the answer is it’s still not too late even in 2022 because the NFT hype hasn’t really become fully saturated. There’s still plenty of development that’s going to take place and the biggest one is “Play to Earn NFT Games”.

Yes you heard that right, art is just one aspect of NFT’s and the Play-to-Earn section is an entire Dimension and Metaverse where there’s lots of opportunities.

One of the biggest and the most exciting NFT projects that’s currently in development is AlnSphere. It’s a collection of 9,999 NFT’s that live in the planet Spheron. A fully developed NFT game where you can fight with other players, explore dungeons, grow your inventory and collect the rarest items, win big tournament gaining massive rewards!. And there just much more to the game.

AlnSphere NFT Game | Story and Details

Long ago, the Alns were created on planet Spheron deep in the Spheroxy.They are a brave nation, willing to challenge anyone in order to conquer lands.Alns are knowledgeable in magic, building, fighting, and crafting.

AlnSphere is a vision, that’s been worked on for many months to turn into a reality.While working, we have seen projects succeed and also fail. To make AlnSphere a success, we have learned a lot from their mistakes and are making sure to improve in every area leading up to our launch, to create a masterpiece.

The NFT launch is only the first step of a whole experience.

Our collection features 9,999 Aliens from planet Spheron, that come with a variety of over 150 hand-drawn traits.

Unlike other NFTs with no real functionality, we are working on an RPG game on the Ethereum blockchain.

The NFTs are going to be used as characters in-game – the whitepaper already explains most about the game in detail, including marketplace, NFT items in-game, and much more.

The game is easy to understand and you can earn $Sphererocks, our utility currency, without much effort – but there is also appeal to competitive gamers, as you will need to formulate a good strategy to stay at the top.

Strategies include finding the best equipment, looking for the most rewarding fights, and more!

Have fun, while earning $Sphererocks!

You should absolutely look into holding our NFTs, as no project works without a community and we will reward every holder with airdrops, giveaways, and more.

To prove that, we will be having a 100 ETH giveaway for 43 NFT holders after our collection launches.

Our team consists of 8 NFT fanatics, each with their own strengths but no limits.We have one vision and will be working hard towards making AlnSphere mainstream. This is just the beginning, though, as AlnSphere has already prepared fully rigged 3D models for their collection and is ready for the metaverse.

What can you do in the Alnsphere Metaverse?

There are lots of things to do in the Alnsphere NFT game. Most importantly, you can play and earn in the game but, there’s just more than that. You are entering an entire Metaverse, Gaming Ecosystem where the main currency of the game is called $Sphererocks.

Each of your Alnator has different specs and features like strength, defense, agility, intelligence, armor, smash. You can equip different types of armor, boots, bracelets, weapons, and each of those impacts the strength and powers of your Alnator NFT.

You can fight in Dungeons, challenge other players in a PvP battle, collect rare items that enhance your powers and abilities, and do so much more.

It’s not just a typical RPG game, as you can create or join guilds, enchant your items and create the ultimate build that’s going to help you defeat hard boss monsters, thereby rewarding you with unique rare items.

You can make use of the marketplace to trade in items or sell items and get an edge over your competition.

The game constantly Airdrops unique rare NFT’s to holders, so be sure to be a part of their Discord Community and watch out for events and announcements.

Alnsphere Roadmap


◆ AlnSphere game concept◆ Team building◆ Community growth – limited whitelistSTAGE 2

◆ Presale of the Aln NFTs◆ Whitelist & public sale◆ Aln abilities◆ Gallery release◆ 100 ETH giveaway for 43 holdersSTAGE 3

◆ Spheroxy invasions◆ New abilities◆ 3D modellingSTAGE 4

◆ Sphererocks Token (ERC-20)◆ NFT staking (website) with rewardsSTAGE 5

◆ Items and gems implementation◆ The Grand Hall launches◆ Marketplace early accessSTAGE 6

◆ Game demo release◆ Aln staking◆ Dungeons / PvP / PvE / Quests / Guilds◆ Airdrops for holders (items/gems/potions)STAGE 7

◆ Full game launch◆ Marketplace launch◆ Land implementationSTAGE 8

◆ Game expansion◆ Community suggestions◆ New collectibles & featuresSTAGE 9

◆ 3D model launch for the metaverse◆ Airdrop 3D modelsSTAGE 10

Community upgrades◆ Buy land on Netvrk and provide realistic 3D Spheron◆ Mini games and meetups in the metaverseAlnsphere NFT Team

Noynberg – Managing DirectorMax Steele – Full Stack DeveloperMatheo Veulner – 3D Lead ArtistMoon – 2D Lead ArtistTom Müller – Graphics & IllustrationYoung Paris – AdvisorJOIN THE ALNSPHERE COMMUNITY

The Alnsphere has an amazing community that is growing day by day at a spectacularly fast rate. With over 4000+ members on their Discord, lots of awesome things happen in the community.

If you’d like to get Whitelisted or take part in Giveaways and Airdrops, you got to join the community and get more information about lots of FREE stuff.






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