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ARAB MONEY NFT COLLECTION | 5555 Luxury Sheikh NFTS on the Ethereum Blockchain

NFT’s has taken the world by storm and 2021 was known as the year of NFT’s. From Beeple who sold his $69 million dollar art piece to Crypto Punks who made history in the world of NFT’s by being one of the first NFT projects to ever exist and becoming one of the most expensive NFT projects.

Since then, the NFT community has received a lot of criticisms particularly in the quality and the standard of art that the creators are delivering. The fact the Gary Vaynerchuck, one of the top businessmen of the United States and an avid follower and preacher of NFT’s, calls the current NFT hype the “Thrash art movement”. This is true because 90% of the NFT’s, artworks, and collectibles you see in the NFT marketplaces are not worth buying.

That’s where the Arab Money NFT collection comes in, a truly inspiring NFT project with a great vision for the NFT community.

Arab Money is a collection of 5555 luxury Sheikh NFTs based on the ethereum blockchain. With a vision of being one of the most exclusive NFT collection featuring lavish private parties to secret luxury events taking place all over the globe, Arab Money NFT is one of the most ambitious, premium, exclusive, and exciting NFT projects currently in development.


Arab Money envisions the future of their NFT project as being one of the most exclusive NFT collection in the NFT community.

Thus providing members with the ultimate sense of luxury, exclusivity and superiority for people who are wealthy enough to be able to qualify for their premium membership by creating one of the first exclusive private NFT clubs located on the blockchain.

Arab Money NFT consists of a collection of 5555 premium Sheikh NFTs that’s based on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each of these Sheikh NFTs are unique and one of a kind and there can only exist one of kind. They are Hand-drawn and are digitally available for purchase in the Ethereum Blockchain. Each Arab Money NFT comes with different styles, backgrounds, colors, and so many other variations and rarities.



  • The project becomes listed with Rankings on Rarity Sniper.
  • Early supporters of Arab Money NFT get First access Minting
  • Limited Edition Merchandise will be available for owners
  • Arab Money members can share their ideas for future events and  vote for the upcoming events.
  • Private casino party is held exclusively for owners.
  • Launch of exclusive Arab Money Promotional Video
  • Creation of Arab Money Youtube channel.


  • Fine Arab Money NFT Giveaways
  • Holders will have early access to our exclusive and innovative Arab Money airdrops.
  • Exclusive Arab Money Themed Yacht party is held in Dubai for holders only.
  • A secret Event is hosted for Arab Money NFT Holders.
  • Arab Money applies to get verified on Opensea (only available to apply when Arab Money NFT collection reaches a trading volume of 100 ETH or 50k followers on Twitter or Instagram.)


  • Two Arab Money NFT Giveaways
  • A Exclusive Private event is held for owners at a secret location
  • Secret Mansion Party is hosted.


  • Top holders get the opportunity to get early access to minting.
  • Second Edition of Arab-Money-Themed Party is held.
  • official Launch of a Legendary Arab Money Video.


  • The Top 5 holders that mint receive a physical portrait of their NFT.
  • The first 10 holders can choose to have their name tattooed on their NFT as a duplicate.
  • A Third Arab Money themed yacht party will be held with internationally renowned celebrities on board.

From Exclusive Lavish Yacht parties to private events where you can meet some of the most elite individuals from all around the globe, Arab Money NFT is one of the most ambitious and luxurious NFT projects currently in development. With premium private membership to secret events, Arab Money NFT is an NFT project with a great vision for the future and the NFT community. Created exclusively for those individuals who are wealthy and with a massive community that is growing at a fast rate, Arab Money NFT is one of the top NFT project currently in the trend.

The Official Release Dates and the Minting Dates are currently not yet confirmed. However, you can join the Arab Money NFT Discord server to get the latest updates and news about the NFT project.

The official links to the NFT Project are given below.

Official Links

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