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Artist Rah Crawford ditches the traditional art world for NFTs

rah crawford artist with a blue purple background

Artist Rah Crawford ditches his tradional art techniques for the NFT and blockchain world. We’ve all heard the tropes from the music industry when we were moving into digital music. Surely, we must expect to hear it from the art industry too. Actually, Rah Crawford thinks a little differently, hence his move toward the scene.


rah crawford artist with a blue purple background
Rah Crawford, Courtesy Rah Crawford. Edited for Artblog Radio.

Who is Rah Crawford?

Basically, he’s an artist who trained in traditional mediums including acrylic and oil paint. Now, he’s apparently all for the NFT and blockchain movement in the art world.  Firstly, his dramatic 2005 exhibition gave him traction. Then, Crawford told himself before the exhibition that any of his favourite paintings that go unsold will be destroyed.

Unfortunately, the paintings did not sell. Then, he went through the ordeal of destroying paintings that he felt paternal over. There were high intensity emotions flying about, along with pieces of his art.

In ArtBlog Radio podcast. Crawford said ‘”That was such an intense emotion and people that were there in that room– like you said, you were there– felt that. And to this day, people still talk about that moment because it was a real true moment for me”.

Thus, we can gather that Rah Crawford as an artist takes a contemporary approach to his concepts, which makes his turn to NFTs and blockchain technology unsurprising. In fact, Crawford was quick to get involved with this technology. Plus, considering that he experienced ‘dot com boom’, it makes sense.

Rah Crawford’s History with NFTs

Actually, he minted his first NFT back in 2018 and has been growing in strength ever since. Recently, Rah Crawford also set up his own metaverse event space. His company, World Owned, ran a festival experience for their 14th anniversary with an art exhibiton, talks and films. 

Using NFTs with a difference

Rah Crawford would like to utilize NFTs in a different way than most.

Talking about the industry he said ” You have this technology where you have all of these emerging artists are coming out of it, and they’re birthing their careers; I’m using the technology to actually end my career.’

It is an interesting point. Some of the funds artists are receiving for their art in JPEG format is enough to retire on. Plus, these circles are not open to these conversations.

Crawford unconventionally, but in his character went against the grain. He saw a way to completely stop his traditional artist career path and swung down another lane. 


Obviously, it is admirable to see artists who embrace the changes technology has created. The more people we have fiddling around with the possibilities of NFTs and blockchain the more creative solutions will arise.  It is going to be exciting to see where Crawford will take NFTs and who he will inspire. 

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