Home NFT News Beanie gets sacked from GM Capital and is replaced by….Beanie. Again.

Beanie gets sacked from GM Capital and is replaced by….Beanie. Again.

gm capital replaces beanie with beanie

Yesterday, @NFTethics released a wealth of evidence against NFT influencer Beanie. As a result, GM Capital announced they’re dropping him as their marketing lead. But eagle-eyed CryptoTwitterers noticed that things are not as transparent as they initially seemed.

gm capital replaces beanie with beanie
CryptoTwitterers have noticed that GM Capital have replaced Beanie with – you guessed it – Beanie!
Credit: @mbhdoteth

Who’s Beanie?

Charles Moscoe, a.k.a, Beanie, is a self-professed professional gambler and investor in Web3 native protocols. He’s also an NFT influencer who gives advice on Twitter about NFTs and Web3. Recently, he was exposed as a long-time fraudster.

Moscoe has refuted the claims by tweeting: “Reputation is everything to me, and I don’t take allegations lightly. I work day and night with passionate founders helping to build some of the best NFT brands and communities that tens of thousands of people know and love. I’ve never scammed anybody in my life.” However, his apology didn’t convince CryptoTwitters, and many called him out to “prove it”.

Beanie and GM Capital

In October 2021, Moscoe announced GM Capital had acquired Beanie Capital. GM is one of Moscoe’s recent ventures. It’s an early-stage strategic VC fund that focuses on accelerated zero-to-one growth in DeFi, NFT technology, and gaming.

However, once these allegations surfaced, GM Capital announced Moscoe’s resignation as marketing lead. They also announced that Twitterer @king__jessie has taken Moscoe’s place. However, eagle-eyed CryptoTwitterers have noticed that the BAYC that @king__jessie has as his profile picture is actually owned by Moscoe!

This all points to the unmistakable conclusion that @beaniemaxi and @king__jessie are Moscoe. GM Capital has since deleted their tweet and gave no further explanation. So far, none of Moroe’s top supporters has commented on these worrying allegations.

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