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Blockchain game Riot Racers gears up for public release with a private beta

Riot Racers beta launch infographic

Most people have fond memories of playing racing games on a console at home; a big handful of people still play them regularly in adulthood. The perfect mix for the average racer and NFT nerd, Riot Racers has been pulling all the stops to compress the two into one spinning mix. Meta Khan, collaborator for CryptoWhips has paid homage to the OG collection by creating long term utility with NFTs. The beta version of Riot Racers is on the way. 

Riot Racers beta launch infographic
Riot Racers launching private beta. All credit to Riot Racers for the image

Firstly, Meta Khan worked with the team behind CryptoWhips, the pixelated cars hosting a range of unique characteristics. I saw one of the Scooby-Doo van today. 100 CryptoWhips exist in total, 5 of those being super rare and 19 in the rare category. A CryptoWhip car is a 1:1 match in Riot Racers and it earns you OG level in the Riot Racers Owners Club. Once an owner of a CryptoWhip, you can race your car on Riot Racers with their beta launch.


Now that most of the groundwork has been completed, the private beta is only a stone’s throw away. Initially, only a small group of two dozen people will be playing the private beta. They are planning on adding more people up until January 21st 2022, the public beta launch. Additional invites will start getting out to people over the next few weeks, starting with Guilds/Teams. If you are expecting an invite, keep an eye on Discord as you may receive one there. 

What is Riot Racers?


Riot Racers is a play-to-earn game. One of the features added to this play-to-earn game is that players can own parts of the game. Hosted on Riot Metaverse, players can decide to buy drivers, cars, car upgrades, gas stations, mechanic shops, racetrack land and billboard land. The team has finished finalising the last sales, and they are nearly ready for their private beta.


What currency is used on Riot Racers?


The sales within Riot Metaverse are paid for with $RIOT tokens, the native currency of Riot Metaverse. A $RIOT token can get you game assets, pay for actions in the game, claim rewards, get rewards for staking, and participate in the Council of Racers. The $RIOT Token is a utility governance token, where its sole use is as a currency inside of Riot Metaverse. They will not be investing tokens to investment projects or investors. The token has been designed to flow in the Riot Metaverse. 


What ways can you earn?


You can earn $RIOT tokens by buying a mechanic shop, gas station or a piece of the track. The game offers 20 gas stations in total. Only 7 tracks made up out of 1400 parts, keep that in mind. Track owners receive a portion of the entry fees for every race run on their track. Mechanics and gas stations earn tokens when players use their space for gassing up and repairing their Cars. Another avenue is an NFT. The game presents billboards for the tracks. Here gamers can advertise their own product or rent it out to third parties.


We are really looking forward to see how the private and public beta goes for Riot Racers, for more game news click here

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