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Can Tasty Bones NFT Collection Be the Next Doodles?

Tasty Bones NFT Collection

Tasty Bones NFT Collection is one of the most hyped projects in the space right now. Ahead of its February 2022 launch, it is already blowing up with almost 80,000 followers on Twitter.

So what exactly is so thrilling about this 5000-item project and why is there speculation that it can follow the footsteps of Doodles?

Tasty Bones NFT Collection
Are you ready for Tasty Bones’ color-popping skeleton NFTs? Credit: Twitter (@TastyBonesNFT)

About Tasty Bones NFT Project

The Collection features 5000 skeletons “who fetch the food offerings from the Land of the Living and deliver them back to the Land of the Dead.” So far, the project has released some teaser photos on their Twitter account and there’s a consensus that it gives off a very fun vibe just like Doodles.

From a Twitter poll, we know that there are three agencies of Tasty Bones. We have the funny bones or entertainers and the meaty bones or the fighters. The team is asking the community to guess the name of the third agency, aka the runners.

It is receiving praise for its simple yet detailed art, which plays around with colors a lot. The color palette looks clean and muted. So as early as now, the community is filing it under the “cool project” category.

There’s also a huge mystery about the project because its Discord channel is by Invite-Only. So the limited access and exclusivity are boosting Tasty Bones’ credibility as one of the NFT drops to look out for. In addition, the team’s Discord strategy is resulting in a solid and organic community. Moreover, there’s barely any info about the project on the website aside from social media links and the coming soon banner. This drives the point that all the exclusive details are on the Discord Channel.

How to Earn a Whitelist Spot

If you want to earn a whitelist spot, you have to add value to the community. The team enumerated the things that fans can do to earn a coveted spot:

  • Be an active member of the Discord channel
  • Welcome newcomers and introduce them to Tasty Bones
  • Follow @TastyBonesNFT on Twitter
  • Keep up on the #the-lore and #announcements channel
  • Make a fan art and share it on the #fan-art channel
  • Make memes and share them on #memes
  • Feel free to drop your questions on #questions
  • Lastly, have fun and make some Tasty Bones friends!

To expand the community, Tasty Bones is also giving whitelist spots to other communities. Pudgy Apes happy announced, “they are extending a WL spot to giveaway + 50 invites to the Land of the Dead.” Meanwhile, Approving Corgis is giving away five whitelist spots and one Tasty Bones NFT to its community. Squiggles is also a partner with 2 WL spots to give away + 100 invites to the Discord Community.

The project is definitely in its early days so if you can somehow find a way to join their Discord, then grab the chance, so you get the juiciest bits!

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