Important terms for NFT Beginners

Are you starting into NFT space, these are the important terms for NFT Beginners

10 Proven ways to get whitelisted for NFTs.

10 ways to get whitelisted in an NFT Project and make millions of dollars. Early joiner, Discord Roles, Art Contest, Giveaways, using bots, winning games.

5 NFT Projects that can make you rich in February 2022 – Part 2

A detailed list of 5 NFT Projects that can make you rich in 2022-2 1) The Cryptoids A collection of 7777-pixel art virtual pets. that can be bred and raised....

5 NFT Projects that can make you rich in February 2022 – Part 1

A detailed list of 5 NFT Projects that can make you rich in 2022. 1) Collider CraftWorks The first one on the list is colliderCraftWorks they have a solid team behind...
Illustration about NFTs

Make an NFT Collection Today with These Easy Steps

NFTs have taken the digital world by storm! The industry is making new strides every day, with some projects witnessing historic sales. Amid this, creating NFT collections have...
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Create Your Own NFTs Today with These Awesome No-Code Tools!

As NFTs get more and more popular, more people are interested in creating their own NFTs. However, all the technical skills and knowledge it takes to mint an...
Degenerate Ape NFTs

Solana NFT Collections are Hotting Up! Here’s the Best of the Bunch…

As Solana (SOL) continues its astronomical rise, all eyes are on Solana NFT collections. Just weeks back, SOL overtook Cardano to become the fourth largest cryptocurrency across the...
Thetan Arena blockchain game

5 Blockchain Games You Can Actually Play Today!

This year, we witnessed the meteoric rise of blockchain games across the globe. Fuelled by the wider adoption of crypto and the growing popularity of NFTs, blockchain games...
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What is a DAO and How Does It Relate to NFTs?

As blockchain technology became mainstream, we witnessed the wider adoption of DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, and more this year. Along with these, blockchain technology has also given rise to...
Graphic displaying the concept of passive income from NFTs

How To Make Passive Income With NFTs Quickly With These Helpful Steps

2021 has seen some people make a lot of money buying and selling NFTs. As a matter of fact, the number of high ticket sales this year has...