Animoca Brands logo in blue text with a white background metaverse

Animoca Brands predicts a 2022 decentralized metaverse boom!

Animoca Brands, the Hong Kong-based game software and venture capital company, is serious about the potential of the Metaverse. In a recent statement titled ‘Cars, Ownership, Capitalism, NFTs,...
Chatbot and AI

The Chatbot and AI conference will to turn your personality into an NFT

The Chatbot and AI Conference this year will be held in the metaverse. Additionally, they have started an NFT that allows users to show off their personalities with...
J.P. Morgan Decenterland

J.P. Morgan buys space in DECENTERLAND, releases Oynx Lounge to captivate $1 Trillion Metaverse...

Headlines 1) J.P. morgan buys launces Onyx lounge in Decenterland to capitalize on the Metaverse 2) Morgan releases a report stating $1 trillion market advertising opportunities in Metaverse J.P. Morgan on...
Keanu Reeves Metaverse

Keanu Reeves “Metaverse is dystopian” and finds NFTs hilarious.

One of Hollywoods biggest and most loved stars, Keanu Reeves has totally downplayed the metaverse and laughed at the concept of NFTs through a video that’s making its...

Nanopass Stealth Mint might be the Newest Secret NFT project you need!

Take a dive into this mysterious Nanoverse via Nanopass stealth mint. After its successful whitelist minting, Nanopass has already started the Dutch auction featuring its 5555 NFT drops. Image...
metaverse fanart, red skyscrapers

The Metaverse really is the future

The Metaverse is on its way. It will be in the public’s life sooner than what is expected. The trajectory is looking up for the Metaverse. Investors and...
New Year The Sandbox

All LAND Owners are Eligible but Some Will Receive More!

To celebrate 2021 milestones and thank the community, The Sandbox is running a major SAND Airdrop to all LAND owners! This aligns with the open NFT metaverse’s goal...
NBA Metaverse Coach

NBA Unveils New Metaverse Coach

The NBA has announced a new “metaverse coach”, Coach Nat, through a message from league commissioner, Adam Silver. This was a part of the NBA’s All-Star Weekend events. The...
Picture depicts McDonald

McDonald’s Is Preparing For Metaverse Restaurants And NFTs

McDonald’s is entering the metaverse by registering ten trademarks in virtual space. Trademark attorney Josh Gerben noted the filing, tweeting that McDonald’s had submitted the trademark applications on...
Viaframe graphics of black city with blue neon lights

Sexual Assault Is Already Happening in Meta’s Virtual Reality World

Meta, Facebook’s new alter ego is barely on it’s feet. Unsurprisingly, complaints have rolled in already. A public virtual space where humans can interact with each other, what...