Keanu Reeves Metaverse

Keanu Reeves “Metaverse is dystopian” and finds NFTs hilarious.

One of Hollywoods biggest and most loved stars, Keanu Reeves has totally downplayed the metaverse and laughed at the concept of NFTs through a video that’s making its...
The Sandbox Land Plot

LAND in The Sandbox just sold for $30,000

A plot of land just sold for over $30,000 in the Sandbox, this is over 3x the current floor price. The plot of land purchased was a regular...
NFT Evening

The Vice Decentraland HQ Is Unveiled And The Architecture Is Awesome!

Vice Media Group just unveiled their new headquarters in the Decentraland metaverse. This is the first construction inside the metaverse completed by a major architectural powerhouse: Bjarke Ingels...
official poster of The Sandbox Game Jam Competition

The Sandbox Game Jam Competition Will Award 50k SAND to Game Makers

If you’re a game creator and you love The Sandbox, your creations can be included in the metaverse via the Game Jam Competition! Accordingly, the iconic metaverse will...
Man in suit next to  balck car in The Sevens Metaverse

The Sevens drop Companions and update their staking mechanism

The Sevens started as a company with 7000 randomly generated pieces of art quickly evolving into much more, including a metaverse. With a new Marketing and Social Media...

3 Best Metaverse Games to Follow in 2022

World of Warcraft is one of the most trending online role-playing games in the world. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment since 2004. A boy named Vitalik Buterin from Canada was...
Gujrat Titans logo revel in Metaverse

Hardik Pandya lead IPL team Gujrat Titans release logo in Metaverse

Gujrat Titans become the first IPL team to use Metaverse to logo reveal in Spatial Metaverse
First Metaverse Wedding Yug Metaverse

What is Yug Metaverse? India’s first Metaverse Marriage

What is Yug Metaverse? Know complete details. On 5th February 2022, Abhijeet and Sansrati invited people to World's First Metaverse marriage on Indian Metaverse Platform Yug. This was one of a...
NBA Metaverse Coach

NBA Unveils New Metaverse Coach

The NBA has announced a new “metaverse coach”, Coach Nat, through a message from league commissioner, Adam Silver. This was a part of the NBA’s All-Star Weekend events. The...

Top 10 Most Interesting Metaverse Projects To Get Excited About in 2022

With talk of the Metaverse now regularly hitting headlines, the world is getting excited about the prospect of inhabiting digital worlds. Through a combination of existing tech, crypto,...