5 NFT Projects that can make you rich in February 2022 – Part 1

A detailed list of 5 NFT Projects that can make you rich in 2022. 1) Collider CraftWorks The first one on the list is colliderCraftWorks they have a solid team behind...
Logo for exposed scammer and NFT influencer Beanie

Beanie Exposed? NFT Influencer Faces Long List of Scamming Allegations

Has the NFT influencer Beanie finally been exposed as the scammer that so many have claimed him to be in the past? A Twitter mega-thread from the account...

Indian Celebs NFT which made them Millions in 2021.

1) Amitabh Bachchan The соlleсtiоn thаt inсludes Mаdushаlа NFTs, The Lооt Bоx NFT, Iсоniс Vintаge Роsters NFT аnd BigB Рunks аnd NFT Аrts were sold for $ 9,66,000 оr Rs...
Gujrat Titans logo revel in Metaverse

Hardik Pandya lead IPL team Gujrat Titans release logo in Metaverse

Gujrat Titans become the first IPL team to use Metaverse to logo reveal in Spatial Metaverse

Opensea Explained, How to sell NFT on it?

Opensea NFT Marketplace, (, How to sell and buy NFT and make millions easily. With curiosity and craziness to collect NFT is on the rise, Opensea provides an easy way...
J.P. Morgan Decenterland

J.P. Morgan buys space in DECENTERLAND, releases Oynx Lounge to captivate $1 Trillion Metaverse...

Headlines 1) J.P. morgan buys launces Onyx lounge in Decenterland to capitalize on the Metaverse 2) Morgan releases a report stating $1 trillion market advertising opportunities in Metaverse J.P. Morgan on...

Indonesian boy became Millionaire selling selfies as NFT.

Indonesian boy became Millionaire Overnight Sellings Selfies as NFT Ever thought that selling selfies just in front of your computer can make you a Millionaire one day, well it's possible...

Why Are People Buying NFTs and Digital Art?

The recent Google search volume for ‘NFTs’ has surpassed that of cryptocurrencies.’NFT’ is also the current ‘word of the year.’ We’re living in a changing world where technology and...

Seven Deadly Sins NFT | Join The Sinners!

We all are Sinners, and we all are controlled by the Seven Deadly Sins – Envy, Sloth, Lust, Pride, Wrath, Gluttony, and Greed. Even the purest of the pure...
gm capital replaces beanie with beanie

Beanie gets sacked from GM Capital and is replaced by….Beanie. Again.

Yesterday, @NFTethics released a wealth of evidence against NFT influencer Beanie. As a result, GM Capital announced they’re dropping him as their marketing lead. But eagle-eyed CryptoTwitterers noticed...