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Chinese Calligraphy NFT collection is designed to bring positive energy

image showing Chinese Calligraphy NFT

The collection of Chinese Calligraphy NFTs by Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha is doing remarkably well. The entire collection of 5000 NFTs sold out in less than a month in November last year. Now, the floor price sits at 0.85 ETH.

image showing Chinese Calligraphy NFT
Chinese Calligraphy is an ancient practice, and many believe it has health benefits. Now the NFT version is promising good fortune and health.

Master Sha believes that his calligraphy carries positive energy and creates a powerful vibrational field that can transform lives. There is a deep belief that the one-stroke calligraphy NFTs can encourage wealth and change your career path and general well-being.

Meanwhile, although not everyone is convinced, several people are speaking out about the benefits of this unique Chinese Calligraphy NFT.

Can the Chinese Calligraphy NFT have health benefits?

Amongst those speaking positively about the project is David Meltzer, a top business coach and host of Entrepreneuer.com’s The Playbook Podcast, who stated, “I was extremely sceptical. But, as soon as I began to trace his calligraphies for ten minutes a day, my life started to change. And it changed dramatically. My business and finances, my health, my relationships, my perspective, my mindset.”

 Finally, Chinese Calligraphy is an ancient practice, and now it will live on forever, embedded on the blockchain as an NFT. It is a form of meditation, tracing the artwork with five fingers every day. This is supposed to bring success and health, although there is little scientific proof to support it.

Either way, the Master Sha Chinese Calligraphy NFT collection is proving successful. Furthermore, if people believe it helps them, it must be beneficial, even as a placebo. As always, when you buy an NFT, remember to do your own research.

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