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Coinbase Wallet uses Twitter to rally support for NFT marketplace LooksRare

Coinbase Wallet released a tweet yesterday that provided users with a step-by-step guide on claiming LooksRare’s $LOOKS airdrop. The detailed 7-step guide garnered mixed reactions from the community upon releasing the tweet.

For instance, some users applauded Coinbase for supporting LooksRare even though they will be launching their own marketplace soon. Whereas others speculated that Coinbase is looking to take down OpenSea with the help of LooksRare.

Besides the fact that Coinbase tagged the wrong account for what seemed like an eternity, the guide was pretty straightforward and appreciated by many users.

Coinbase supports LOOKS airdrop
Claim your $LOOKS via Coinbase. Credit: LooksRare

Coinbase LooksRare Token Claim

Firstly, users need to access LooksRare via the Coinbase Wallet mobile app or Google Chrome extension. Users will then need to connect their wallet to the account, sign in, and complete the signature request. These steps should be standard across most NFT marketplaces.

Any OpenSea user with a combined 3 ETH of trading volume from June 16 2021 until December 16 2021 will be eligible for the $LOOKS airdrop. Next, eligible users need to list one or more of their NFTs on the marketplace before they can claim their tokens.

After receiving the tokens from the airdrop, users can choose to sell or stake the tokens. LooksRare differentiates itself by boasting a community-first vision, giving back all trading fees to stakers. Therefore, the team would encourage holders to stake the $LOOKS instead of disposing them off immediately.

The LooksRare NFT marketplace is experiencing some record breaking transaction volumes over the past week. Speculation aside, it is no surprise that Coinbase Wallet is willing to put their name behind this platform.


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