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Crypto Soldierz NFT | A Collection of Pixel Art Styled Soldiers Inspired by WW2

Crypto Soldierz nft

Crypto Soldierz is a collection of 75 NFT’s inspired by the history of World War 2. Created by Omar, a Cyber Security professional with a huge interest in crypto, art and NFTs.

He has set his sights on creating unique works of art and hoping to sell them for donation and good causes. As part of the proceeds will go to veterans in need and the families of the fallen.

Crypto Soldierz is a really cool NFT project with soldiers wearing different uniforms and comes with different styles, features, backgrounds and so much more.

To know more about the project: Follow Crypto Soldierz on Rarible and Opensea.

Crypto Soldierz NFT

Crypto Soldierz NFT consists of just 75 NFT’s that are all very unique with different combinations of backgrounds, clean, dirty, or damaged helmets, head bandages, eye bandages, smoking cigarettes, etc. It’s created in the Ethereum Blockchain and the soldiers follow a pixelated art style similar to that of Crypto Punks.

The scarcity level of this NFT project is very low, which means getting your hands on one of these NFTs can be worth it.

A portion of the profits will be donated to help military veterans in need, as well as families of those who have died while serving their country.

Inspiration for the NFT art comes from Omar who is a cyber security professional who has served honorably in the military, but there are many who have lost limbs, eyesight, or even their lives and have left behind family members.

For such a great cause, he decided to create this unique NFT project with the intention to also donate the proceeds to veterans in need and the families of the fallen.

Own Your First Crypto Soldierz NFT

A powerful project with such a great cause and vision, Crypto Soldierz is indeed one of the most inspiring NFT projects in development.

There are just 75 of them currently minted and if you’d like to own of them, you can follow the links below or follow Crypto Soldierz on Rarible and Opensea.

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