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Daniel Arsham Nifty Gateway NFT drop will mint in collaboration with CXIP

Daniel Arsham's NFT

Contemporary artist Daniel Arsham is dropping his new NFT collection on Nifty Gateway on 22/12 at 7:00 pm. 

Daniel Arsham's NFT
Daniel Arsham’s NFT: Eroding and Reforming Safari 930
Credit: Daniel Arsham/Nifty Gateway

Arsham’s NFT collection marks the first time that Nifty Gateway has issued NFTs minted by CXIP. 

Daniel Arsham’s NFTs: In a nutshell

These NFTs are part of Daniel Arsham‘s Eroding and Reforming Digital Car series of digital sculptures. Therefore, each one of Arsham’s three NFTs continues to showcase the topic of decaying and fossilizing modern objects. To emphasise this concept, Arsham’s NFTs will be going through an erosion cycle based on specific race times.

The first NFT, Eroding and Reforming Safari 930, completes its erosion cycle after every 9 hours and 13 minutes. Only 150 pieces will be minted. After the first 30 minutes post-launch, winners will be selected to own the NFT.

What makes this NFT different is that after 9 hours and 13 minutes, the release will open up again to the public. Interested individuals can once again try their luck at owning the NFT. 

The second piece, Eroding and Reforming 356, is limited to 200. However, those interested in purchasing this NFT need to own one of Arsham’s previous NFTs in order to be eligible to own this one as well. Last but not least, the third NFT, Eroding and Reforming 964 has the fastest erosion cycle; that of 2 hours and 36 mins.

Nifty Gateway’s co-founder, Griffin Cock Foster, commented: “Daniel is one of the greatest artists of our time. NFTs are a medium of their own, and he makes excellent use of them as a medium.”

“We are thrilled to be a trusted collaborator on this groundbreaking project, as well as leverage CXIP’s innovative minting software to issue NFTs for the first time on our marketplace.”

Daniel Arsham PR pic
CXIP’s DAO has attracted a lot of big names, including Daniel Arsham.
Source: Daniel Arsham’s website

What is CXIP?

CXIP, pronounced “chip”, is a universal minting software that’s interoperable with all the major NFT marketplaces. CXIP is mainly used by creators that want to have true creative ownership of their NFTs and also want to receive cross-market royalties. 

Forward-thinking artists such as Daniel Arsham are especially drawn to CXIP. This is because it allows them to maximise profits as well as protect their intellectual property rights.

The launch of this NFT follows another major win for CXHIP: its recently-announced CXIP DAO. This new platform is set to become the world’s largest coalition of NFT creators. Big names such as Pharrell Williams, Daniel Arsham, Chad Knight, and Justin Aversano are but some of the creators leading the project. 

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