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Deadfellaz release 2D pixel art versions of each NFT to holders…for free!

Pixel-based Deadfellaz: Pixelfellaz

Deadfellaz has come to life! The team recently onboarded two high profile pixel animators to bring the entire Deadfellaz collection into a 2D/pixel based metaverse. All 10k pieces from the original collection will be pixelated and will be known as Pixelfellaz.

Deadfellaz owners do not have to mint Pixelfellaz, they will get the pixelated version of their NFTs automatically when they are released. These animated pieces can then be used in their metaverse. It’s always nice to know that the devs are constantly working on additional utility for your digital assets.

Oh, did I mention they have legs now?

Pixel-based Deadfellaz: Pixelfellaz
Introducing Pixelfellaz: the pixel based Deadfellaz. Credit: Deadfellaz

Owners will be able to use their Pixelfellaz in World Webb, a 2D metaverse built on the Ethereum blockchain. Besides being a cool place to hangout, the team plans to expand the apartment in the future to host games, events, and other fun activities. As the team continues to develop independently, they are also actively integrating with other metaverses. Maybe we’ll see Pixelfellaz appear elsewhere in the near future?

Deadfellaz first started to gain traction in October 2021 when Elijah Wood aped in. Since then, the team has continued to build upon its success, developing its metaverse, new NFTs, collaborations, and others. Currently, the project has exceeded a floor price of 3 ETH, with sales steadily increasing on OpenSea, among other platforms.

Meet the artists

Jeremy Pires and Pxl Hns are both no stranger to the NFT space, and have seen huge individual successes in the art industry. Both of them are 2D and pixel art specialists, therefore it is no surprise as to why they were chosen to lead this integration.

Jeremy is the co-founder of CRCR Studio, featuring a community of animators and directors who met at Gobelins, the most famous art school in Paris. They have won multiple awards including the “Animated Commercial of the Year” award and the “Gold Lion” award. Jeremy is also responsible for the Deadfellaz skull featured on Nasdaq MarketSite in NYC during the most recent Halloween festival.

Deadfellaz skull in NYC
Jeremy’s work of art on Nasdaq MarketSite in NYC. Credit: Deadfellaz

Meanwhile, Hans’ portfolio is pretty impressive as well. He is the co-founder of Team Naked and the artist behind CartladsNFT. On top of that, the pixel artist also has his handprints all over blockbuster NFT projects the likes of Cool Cats and Fang Gang.

What’s next for the dead?

The team is still working on Deadfellaz Lore which is essentially the Deadfellaz World. They have already introduced the lead artists behind this venture and teased some sample artworks. They will start a blog soon to drop regular updates regarding this upcoming introduction.

In addition, the Deadfrenz drop is right around the corner! As BAYC members get a pet dog NFT through its Bored Ape Kennel Club, Deadfellaz members will also receive their pet NFTs. These pets can be 1 of 12 different animals, or even better, hybrids.

Clearly, the team is far from done. To see what might be next, you can always check back on their roadmap.

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