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Decentralized P2E Gaming Platform GemUni Announces a DEX Offering

GemUni dex offering

GemUni has announced that its initial dex offering ( IDO) will be carried out across several launchpads. Such as Red Kite, KrystalGO and GameFi. The play to earn game will conduct its IDO on January the 19th.

GemUni Announces Dex Offering

GemUni dex offering
GemUni has announced Dexoffering ( IDO) on several launchpads such as Red Kite. Credit: Be In Crypto

The public price of the IDO will be $0.2 per token, with the game valued at around $20 million. GenUni is one of the play to earn platforms currently on the market. The game has a strong leadership team, consisting of ex silicon valley and gaming industry leaders such as Peter Vesterbacka of Angry Birds.

Likewise, GemUni has high ambitions. The GemUni wants to be the decentralized version of Steam and is looking to the future with an impressive roadmap including the dex offering. The game plans to release over 500+ games in Q1 this year, with other features like DAO integration releasing later this year.

Furthermore, the game has an exceptional lineup of investors, including Kyber Ventures, amassing $2 million from 30 private investors.

All in all, GemUni is making waves in the NFT space. With the GemUni dex offering taking the platform to new heights. Soon, we should expect to see the play to earn gaming platform take off. They are taking the fight to their competitors and changing how we play and view games.

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