Fury of the Fur NFT Collection | 9671 FULL-BODY COLLECTIBLES created in 3D.

The newest edition of the NFT Collection has been announced, and you will not want to miss it! This is Fury of the Fur – an exclusive 3D model collection that’s sure to be a hit. Below, you can learn more about these products.

Fury of the Fur NFT

NFT’s STORY-DRIVEN Fury of the Fury Collection has 9671 FULL-BODY COLLECTIBLES that were meticulously modeled and created in 3D.

In the NFT realm, FOTF has established a new milestone for rarity by acquiring more than 1,000 different traits. While each FuryTed is ready for the METAVERSE, we have even more exciting ideas for the Future of the FuryTed!

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