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Get on Cool Cats Pets Whitelist with a Boss Beauties or Kumo x World NFT

Ahead of the January 28 Cool Pets launch, Cool Cats is giving away allowlist spots to Boss Beauties or Kumo x World Holders!

The world of Cool Cats, Cooltopia, is welcoming its newest members dubbed as Cool Pets. The 20,000 companion NFTs are cute little creatures that can grow into heroes if NFT holders look after them carefully. Of the 20,000 total supply, 10,000 will go to existing Cool Cats NFT holders. Then, the other 10,000 will give new NFT holders such as Boss Beauties or Kumo x World Holders opportunities to get involved. 

Cool Pets x Boss Beauties and Kumo x World

Boss Beauties NFT holders will have 200 allowlist spots. This giveaway is for Verified Boss Beauties only. The team is using PreMint.xyz to run this giveaway and the 200 chosen will be completely random through their built-in code. According to the discord post, it will ask users to connect their wallet (the one they will use to mint) and connect their Discord. The team also assured users that the site is safe and is trusted by many in the NFT industry.

The team will collect submissions all week, ending on Friday, January 14. Then, they will post the 200 lucky winners on Friday afternoon. You can enter the random holder giveaway link through this link.

Meanwhile, Kumo x World will be running various games to distribute the pre-sale spots. The first game will be today, January 11, at 11:00 PM on the #residents-game channel. Take note that this will only be visible to those who own any of the Kumo residents, including collab pieces and expedition pieces. So participants need to verify their NFTs in the #nft-verification channel.

The pre-sale spots will be allocated over three days to give everyone a fair chance with the timezone differences.

About Cool Cats

Two weeks before Cool Cats’ pop off the new companion NFTs, the floor price remains strong at 10.5 ETH or about $32,765. Technically, this figure represents growth and appreciation over time. However, the downside is that the barrier to entry is very high and the Collection can’t expand its base of NFT holders. So introducing 20,000 Cool Cats is a good way to expand the community. In addition, it creates opportunities to tap other successful NFT projects like Boss Beauties and Kumo X World.

Cool Cats remains to be one of the darlings of the NFT Space. It has attracted several high-profile buyers – including Steve Aoki, who purchased a Bob Ross TV head cat, and Mike Tyson. Leading NFT investor and “Cool Cats Maxi’ Farokh also owns a collection of 17 Cool Cats, including two TV Heads and his highly sought-after Afro Rainbow Unicorn cat. The president of TIME Magazine, Keith Grossman, has been a long-time supporter of Cool Cats.

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