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Global music icon J Balvin among star collectors


Lil’ Heroes NFT collection is dropping this Sunday, and NFT fans couldn’t be more excited. What’s more – this new NFT collection is attracting star power, as Colombian singer and rapper J Balvin has already endorsed this collection.

Lil' Heroes
One of 7,777 Lil’ Heroes NFT.
Source: lilheroes.io

What’s Lil Heroes?

Lil’ Heroes is a collection of 7,777 NFTs from Exile Content Studios, Spanish artist Edgar Plans and Curatible. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the most-anticipated NFT collections to launch this year. Lil’ Heroes has already proven to be a Discord phenomenon. This is because their Discord community grew at over 120,000 in just 15 days.

J Balvin was one of the many high-profile fans who showed his support: “I’ve been a longtime fan of Edgar’s art and friend of Exile. I am thrilled to support their entry into the NFT space and the Lil’ Heroes community.”

The collection comprises fifty unique, one-of-one NFTs, based on the greatest heroes of all time. Essentially, they’re mouse-eared characters with unique attributes, drawn by Plans. In fact, there are more than 150 possible character attributes. Each NFT holder will gain access to events, custom merchandise, as well as previews of the coming series.

A bridge between franchises and fans

Exile Content Studio is a leading Hollywood production company that creates quality content for global audiences. It recently co-produced Todo Va A Estar Bien and docu-series Un Sueño Real.  Curatible is a team of art collectors transforming the way art is collected and consumed. The team works with international artists to create bespoke NFT collections with real market value. 

In addition to the NFT collection, Exile Content Studio, Edgar Plans and Curatible will launch the Lil’ Heroes entertainment franchise which will have multiple facets; including an animated TV series, a metaverse experience and consumer products. Lil’ Heroes aims to build an engaged community around an entertainment franchise that rewards early fans for their interest and investment.

Another key point is that Exile Content Studio wants to use this NFT drop to build a franchise with a community, rather than for a community. As a result, Exile aims to restructure the relationship between franchises and fans.

lil heroes nfts edgar plans
Edgar Plans: The artist behind these highly-anticipated NFTs.
Source: lilheroes.io

Who is Edgar Plans?

Plans is a Spanish, Madrid-born contemporary artist. His childlike style has drawn the attention of the international art community; with mouse-eared characters – Animal Heroes – being particularly popular. He delivers pure artistic expression, reminiscent of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. Despite their childlike exterior, his images serve as social commentaries on gender equality and racism.

Plans joins the countless other artists exploring the NFT space. Recently, fellow contemporary artist Tristan Eaton launched his NFT project G.E.M.M.A, while Drue Kataoka is using NFT art to make a statement about racism.

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