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How To Get In on The Sandbox x Deadmau5 Metaverse NFTs Today!

Deadmau5, also known as Joel Zimmerman, continues to make his mark in the metaverse. The celebrated electronic music producer is dropping 5 exclusive NFTs in The Sandbox TODAY! These Deadmau5 NFTs are extremely limited and you do not want to miss out. The drop will begin on December 22nd at 3PM UTC in The Sandbox marketplace.

5 of these NFTs will add to the existing Deadmau5 collection in The Sandbox. Following Deadmau5′ estate purchase in the metaverse, the company has promised that more is to come from their partnership, which will definitely include more NFTs.

Mau5 Mech: Latest Deadmau5 NFT drop in The Sandbox
End your 2021 with this rare Deadmau5 drop. Credit: The Sandbox

Deadmau5 NFT Collection

Professor Meowingtons kicks off this list by selling at 500 SAND each. This NFT is inspired by Deadmau5′ pet cat which has more than 300k views on YouTube. There will be 50 units available, making it the most common among the 5. This drop will also feature 10 units of Mau5 Mech, going for 1,000 SAND apiece.

The highlights of this drop include LED Mau5 Monument, Mau5 Tank, and 5paceship. There will be 10 of each available, going for 2,000 SAND apiece.

LED Mau5 Monument: Latest Deadmau5 NFT drop in The Sandbox
How cool is the LED Mau5 Monument? Credit: The Sandbox

The process is fairly straightforward. You will need to have sufficient SAND and ETH tokens in your wallet, then head on to the marketplace. From there you can search for your preferred NFTs. SAND will be used to buy the item, while ETH is needed to pay the gas fees.

It’s time to gear up for Season 2, and what better way to start off with a Deadmau5 piece. Remember to get there early, I’m sure a ton of people (including me) will want their hands on one of these goodies.


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