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How to mint straight from a smart contract

Minting tips: Ethereum

Have you ever experienced an NFT drop where the NFTs sell out immediately? Thanks to Ape Kids Club, you never have to experience this disappointment again. In their latest blog post, Ape Kids Club gave all of us some tips and tricks when it comes to minting. Here’s a quick roundup. 

Minting tips: Ethereum
Minting can be a cut-throat environment. This is why you need some tips ‘n’ tricks to help you get started.
Credit: Executium

What’s Ape Kids Club?

Ape Kids Club is a way to introduce children and adults alike to the world of NFTs. The Thailand based artist Victorior, who also happens to be a BAYC member, created this collection of 9999 little apes.

Ape Kids Club NFT holders gain access to an exclusive Discord community, project-based learning, merchandise, dance parties, charity initiatives and other easter eggs that might be incorporated in future games.

Why minting from the project’s website doesn’t always work

Minting from an NFT project’s website can be a mind-boggling affair; especially if the website takes ages to load or is badly designed.

If the website is down, you might still see others minting. How is this possible? Well, experienced NFT minters are minting NFTs straight from the Etherscan smart contract rather than through the website.

What is a Smart Contract?

Basically, smart contracts are pieces of software codes that enable the network to store the information transparently and securely. These contracts run on the Ethereum blockchain. Smart contracts power NFTs as they verify the NFT ownership and handle the transferability.

Ape Kids Club’s Minting Tips

Minting tip #0: Gather all the details well beforehand

Make sure that you check the minting price per NFT and the maximum mint per transaction. 

Minting tip #1: Find the NFT’s contract address and click on the verified contract tab

Obtain the correct address from the project’s official website or Twitter or Discord. Then, enter the contract address on https://etherscan.io/. After doing this, click on the verified contract tab. 

Minting tip #2: Connect wallet and enter mint details

Click “Write contract” and then “Connect Web3”. Enter the details of the NFTs you want to mint. Enter the total ETH to be spent on the NFTs in the mint box. Then, enter the quantity of NFTs you will be minting in the _mintAmount box.

Minting tip #3: Connect wallet and enter mint details

Review and confirm your transaction once your Metamask pops up. 

Minting tips: Ape Kids Club
Ape Kids Club are enlightening the NFT community on minting straight from the contract.
Source: AKC Twitter

These tips are an excellent way to get started in the world of NFTs. What’s more – it’s also a way to level up your game if you feel like other individuals are always one step ahead of you. 

If you’re an NFT rookie, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are tonnes of guides on NFT Evening that will help you get started. Happy minting!

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