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Indian Celebs NFT which made them Millions in 2021.


1) Amitabh Bachchan

Big B Punk NFT
Big B Punk

The соlleсtiоn thаt inсludes Mаdushаlа NFTs, The Lооt Bоx NFT, Iсоniс Vintаge Роsters NFT аnd BigB Рunks аnd NFT Аrts were sold for $ 9,66,000 оr Rs 7.18 сrоre, the highest ever fоund in Indiа.

The mоst suссessful wаs Mаdhushаlа’s NFT соlleсtiоn – his fаther’s роem, reсоrded in the vоiсe оf the stаr himself, exсeeding $ 756,000 оr bids wоrth Rs 5.5 сrоre in the entire соlleсtiоn.

Аt the NFT Rоbbery Bоx where every bоx buyer reсeived а сertified рieсe оf аrt frоm the NFT соlleсtiоn, аll 5,000 NFTs were sоld in 54 minutes.

The Iсоniс Vintаge Роsters NFT with seven аutоmаtiс роsters sоld fоr а finаl рriсe оf $ 94,052 / Rs 70 Lakh. The BigB Рunks аnd NFT Аrts соlleсtiоn sоld fоr а сlоsed рriсe оf $ 66,900 / Rs 40 Lakh, the аuсtiоn аgenсy sаid in а stаtement.

The Collections are being soled at BeyondLife Club.

2) Salman Khan

Chulbul Pandey 09 NFT
Chulbul Pandey #09

Salman Khan paired up with the Bollycoin platform to release his Dabangg NFT Collection.

The collection is comprised of 4 elements. The first third of the primary element is one of 8 drops consisting of nine scenes from Sonu Sood’s dialogues which are offered for 16 ETH (Rs. 44 Lakh). 10 BollyBitz NFTs are sold for 7.19 ETH (Rs 21 Lakh), accounting for Rs 65 Lakh.

Bollycoin aims to become the largest marketplace for Exclusive Bollywood Media NFTs, according to the site

“The vision behind BollyCoin is simple- We’re building the bridge between Bollywood and the blockchain. Starting with NFTs and then extending to community-created content, gamification and finally the BollyVerse.”

– Bollycoin

3) Rajnikanth

Kabali NFT
Kabali NFT

Diginoor.io – a Singapore-based marketplace that lists many scenes of Rajnikanth’s movie as Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ranging from $12 (Rs 900) to $200 (Rs 14K).

His collections consist of scenes from his famous and high-grossing movies Sivaji (Rs 150 c), Kabali (Rs 300 cr) & Chandramukhi (Rs. 80 cr).

4) Kamal Hasan

Kamal Hasan
Kamal Hasan

Kamal Hasan paired up with NFT platform Frantico to release his highly curated NFT collection, a total of 1000 NFTs would be released on the celebrity platform. It would offer people to buy custom posters, avatars, clothes collections, etc. Frantico aims to bring NFT owners to come close to celebs. The collection is expected to be released in Jan 2022. The platform would also be releasing its own metaverse space.

5) Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone NFT
Sunny Leone NFT

Sunny Leone was the first star to jump on the NFT bandwagon to launch her MISFITZ NFT Collection.

The collection comprises of 9,600 NFT’s that are completely unique, minted on the ethereum blockchain.

Misfitz is a utility based project and each Misfit can be used to unlock exclusive content, experiences, and your membership to the Misfitz Metaverse

– Misfitz

Member of the Misfitz community would also get a chance to get suprises, airdorps, merchandize and chance to win 3 ETH.

In 2022 more celebs are expected join grab and benifit from NFT space, Let us know your thoughts in the comment below.