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LazyPanda NFT Collection Hits the Blockchain to Support Wildlife Preservation Charities

LazyPanda NFT collection

Amid a flurry of NFT collections hitting the blockchain, the LazyPanda NFTs stand apart for their unique mission. The project aims to positively impact the real world and has set several charitable goals for itself. In particular, it aims to highlight the need for wildlife preservation and donate to charities focusing on saving and preserving wildlife. What’s more, the project’s community will decide which charities the donations go to!

LazyPanda NFT collection's panda NFTs and name
The LazyPanda NFT collection aims to impact the world for the better! Credits: LazyPanda

The LazyPanda NFT collection features 10,000 hand-drawn and algorithmically generated NFTs. NFT holders also get tonnes of perks including exclusive access to private venues featuring celebrities. Besides, the holders can look forward to giveaways, airdrops, the LazyPanda metaverse, and much more! LazyPanda’s public sale went live on January 7 at 0.07 ETH each. 

LazyPanda NFT collection’s charitable goals

“Our primary aim with LAZYPANDA is to create a fun and entertaining digital experience, but along the way we also want to have a positive impact on the real world we are all living in today,” the project states on its Discord

Remarkably, the LazyPanda NFT collection has created a separate donations roadmap to fulfil its charitable goals. Basically, there are four different milestones on the roadmap. The first milestone is when the collection is 25% sold. At this milestone, the project will donate 8 ETH from its ‘Habitat And Biodiversity Loss Prevention Fund’ to a charity. Furthermore, at 50%, 75%, and 100%, it will donate 16 ETH, 32 ETH, and 64 ETH, respectively. 

The project has already selected seven charities with the “greatest outreach, highest impact, and best track records” for the first milestone. Of the seven, the charity with the highest community votes will receive the donation. The seven charities are:

  • Animal Welfare Institute 
  • International Union for the Conservation of Nature 
  • Best Friends Animal Society
  • Defenders of Wildlife 
  • World Wildlife Fund 
  • Wildlife Conservation Society 
  • Charles Darwin Foundation 
NFTs in the LazyPanda NFT collection
The collection features attractive artworks. Credits: LazyPanda

The project also has a solid roadmap!

LazyPanda NFT project has also set up a two-stage, highly detailed community roadmap. In stage 1, community members will have a chance to get airdrops, win giveaways, and buy limited edition merch. The highlight of this stage is the launch of the LazyPanda platform, using which holders will be able to modify their pandas. 

In stage 2, the project aims to integrate with various metaverse applications. Exclusive in-person private events featuring celebrities, entertainers, and wealthy investors are next on the list! That’s not all—the project also plans to create comics and short films featuring the pandas. A LazyPanda game is also in the pipeline!

The LazyPanda NFT collection is not even sold out and yet, has already reached 0.2 ETH floor on OpenSea! The adorable artworks and impressive charitable goals are bound to make an impact on the wider NFT community. To mint an NFT, head over to the collection’s website. In addition, you can get all the latest updates from its Discord and Twitter page.

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