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Meet Headtripz, the second series from SuperPlastic in collab with Paris Hilton

Headtripz Pills NFT

Janky & Guggimon returns with more goodies in SuperPlastic’s second NFT series: Headtripz! The company will take a snapshot for the Headtripz airdrop on Jan 17, 4:20PM ET to 6:20PM ET. Each holder needs to have at least 1 Cryptojankyz NFT throughout the entire snapshot period in their ETH wallet to be eligible for the airdrop. Currently, the Cryptojankyz collection are available on OpenSea.

Headtripz Pills NFT
Don’t miss the airdrop snapshot on 17 January 2022! Credit: SuperPlastic
Headtripz Pillz NFT
Check out this trippy collection! Credit: SuperPlastic

Headtripz Drop Party

Users will receive Yellow, Purple, or Rainbow Pillz in the airdrop, which begins on Jan 18, 4:20PM ET. The type of Pillz depends on the type of Cryptojankyz NFT in the wallet. Rainbow Pillz are reserved for the highest tiered Cryptojankyz holders, followed by Purple Pillz, then Yellow Pillz. These Pillz will then be minted into the highly anticipated Headtripz NFT.

On top of that, lucky participants in this airdrop will be selected to receive a Gawdtripz NFT which features collabs with Paris Hilton, Iann Dior, and many more.

But wait, there’s more! SuperPlastic will have another snapshot on Feb 10, 4:20PM ET for the final edition in this series: Partyfavors Royaltripz! Each Headtripz NFT will have a Partyfavors icon at the lower right hand corner. Holders that collect a complete set and hold them for at least 24 hours will be eligible for the Royaltripz airdrop.

SuperPlastic NFT Roadmap

The complete SuperPlastic NFT roadmap boasts a long list of exciting events and collabs, including the BAYC vinyl toys drop, Animoca Brands partnership, physical NFT store in NYC, Janky & Guggimon’s horror movie, and many more.

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