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MekaVerse releases its new plans for 2022 in a clean, corporate presentation

mekaverse figurine black and purple

MekaVerse has announced, MekaVerse Phase || and we are here for it.

MekaVerse is a collection of 8,888 generative Mekas who are inspired by Japan’s Meka universes. Each of their artwork is individual and they host their own colour scheme. They all are very stylised, feeling connected but unique at every turn.

mekaverse figurine black and purple
Mekaverse releases keynote presentation on YouTube. All credit to MekaVerse

Firstly, Mekaverse have announced a fun new customisation update. You will now be able to change your Meka background. You can choose from block colours to patterns allowing your customisation to your character and the space they occupy.

Secondly, they have collaborated with a wide variety of companies for their new merch, Meka Clothing. From what the video has released these will be patches with neo-traditional tattoo style patches with bright and collaborative colour schemes.

Thirdly, they have teamed up with a highly trained sculpturist to create figurines of the Mekas. The sculpturist puts together art for film sets and is one of the best designers of premium collectable figurines. Encapsulating your MekaVerse character into physical form, who said NFTs will only stay digital?

Lastly, the biggest announcement from was the Meka Drivers. The new characters seem to have human faces and a variety of clothing and design. These Drivers will be available soon, much like most of the news released from the presentation.

MekaVerse released a clean and easy to understand keynote presentation letting everyone know what they are planning for the next year. We are looking forward to hearing more about Meka Drivers.

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