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Mumbai’s Tao Art Gallery are set to hold their debut NFT exhibition

Viraj Khanna Tao art gallery nfts

Mumbai’s leading Tao Art Gallery announced their first-ever NFT showcase by Kolkata-based artist Viraj Khanna. The solo show, entitled “What My Mother Didn’t Teach Me… & Some Things She Did!” will feature physical canvases and sculptures alongside three exclusive NFTs. 

Viraj Khanna Tao art gallery nfts
Kolkata-based artist Viraj Khanna is releasing three exclusive NFTs in collaboration with Tao Art Gallery.
Source: Verve Magazine
Credit: Neal Bhaumik

Established in 2000, Tao Art Gallery is a well-recognised art space guided by Kalpana Shah. The art gallery prides itself in curating highly conceptual artworks. Additionally, it aims to highlight diverse art forms, including but not limited to performance art, sculpture, video and photography. Given its ethos, it’s no surprise that Tao Art Gallery is paving the way for art NFTs in India.

The exhibition explores the deconstruction and reconstruction of identities and ideologies through the media of sculpture, paper collage and NFTs. In an interview with Mumbai Live, Viraj Khanna talked more about his solo exhibition and his NFT rollout:

“My sculptures and painting with their exaggerated features and multiple facets depict this behavioural adaptation due to the influences of society.”

He continues, “They say that in a few years, we could see digital recreations of ourselves in the metaverse living there just like the real world. So, the NFTs available now could be significant collectables or assets owned by people in the metaverse!” 

The Tao Art Gallery and Khanna are not the only art gallery and artist in the world viewing NFTs as another way to monetise their artworks. Over the past 12 months, 102,000 contemporary works have changed hands in 12 months – ten times more than 20 years ago. This is partly due to NFTs. As a result of this success, more and more artists and art galleries are getting involved in the NFT space. 

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