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Nanopass Stealth Mint might be the Newest Secret NFT project you need!

Take a dive into this mysterious Nanoverse via Nanopass stealth mint. After its successful whitelist minting, Nanopass has already started the Dutch auction featuring its 5555 NFT drops.

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Nanopass: Mints and exciting metaverse

To begin, Nanopass launched their NFTs, which enables early access to the Nanoverse. Presently, these stylish NFTs come in five editions – Cyberpunk, Eastern Gem, Spacestation, Underworld and Fantasy.

Interestingly, each week Nanopass mints a secret “Black Box”. One would ask, what’s inside these boxes? Only the Nanoverse community will decide later on. Exciting, isn’t it?

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To be eligible to claim the first and biggest BLACK BOX, you must have held your Nanopass pre-reveal

Basically, the box content is funded by a percentage of NFT royalties from the secondary market. Subsequently, a vote over the utility of funds will take place.

And guess what, the Community Vault has already accumulated an insane amount of 100ETH.

Finally, all these events will lead towards the Nanoverse “Project SUBNET” which is speculated to be a kind-of metaverse.

What’s more intriguing is that all the Nanopasses are unopened yet. The reveal of these NFTs might happen after 24 hours of Nanopass public mint, i.e. around midnight (CST) of December 17th.

What about the price?

First, it is to note that, unlike a standard auction, a Dutch auction starts with a maximum initial price which later on reaches a base price.

With Nanopass, the initial price is at 2.69 ETH whereas they decided the floor price around 0.0888 ETH. But it doesn’t mean the prices will go around this floor price since the rates depend on the supply and demand chain as well. And here, Nanopass NFTs are selling at a significant premium on OpenSea. Now, the lowest price available is 1.35 ETH, which is 20x the mint price. So, hurry and grab your Nanopass from the remaining 1000 NFTs at the ongoing auction.

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Currently, every industry is integrating blockchain into its products. Examples include games, music, brands, among others. Clearly, after observing the trend, we can expect 2022 occupied with many metaverse projects.

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