NFT community mistakes

Struggling to grow your NFT community? Avoid these mistakes

In 2021, many committed the mistakes like trying to make fast money with it and not selecting the right marketplace for it. But that is not all. Several other massive mistakes were made by NFT creators made in 2021. Here is a quick overview of those mistakes and how to rectify them while creating NFT community
First Metaverse Wedding Yug Metaverse

What is Yug Metaverse? India’s first Metaverse Marriage

What is Yug Metaverse? Know complete details. On 5th February 2022, Abhijeet and Sansrati invited people to World's First Metaverse marriage on Indian Metaverse Platform...

Important terms for NFT Beginners

Are you starting into NFT space, these are the important terms for NFT Beginners

10 Proven ways to get whitelisted for NFTs.

10 ways to get whitelisted in an NFT Project and make millions of dollars. Early joiner, Discord Roles, Art Contest, Giveaways, using bots, winning games.

5 NFT Projects that can make you rich in February 2022 – Part 2

A detailed list of 5 NFT Projects that can make you rich in 2022-2 1) The Cryptoids A collection of 7777-pixel art virtual pets. that...