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Nitro League races ahead with NFT marketplace and Virtual garage!

image of a futuristic world brightly coloured car track from the Nitro League NFT

Nitro League, the decentralized play-to-earn metaverse game, continues to gain momentum in the NFT space. In their vision to transform virtual racing into a popular market worldwide, the team is now using NFTs to increase the game’s interactive nature.

image of a futuristic world brightly coloured car track from the Nitro League NFT
Nitro League continues to race ahead as they announce the NFT marketplace and Virtual garage.

This double-headed approach sees Nitro League shift gears as they announce an NFT marketplace and virtual garage. It is an excellent time for Nitro League to enter the market, following their successful Initial DEX offering (IDO) on Polkastar.

Polkastar is renowned for its blockchain gaming and NFTs. As Nitro League expands across all platforms, it hopes to leverage this skillset and have the single track game ready for March.

What is Nitro League?

Nitro League is already functioning as a play-to-earn game using NFTs. Set in the year 3050, It combines great gameplay, token economics and the metaverse, bringing it to life. You can upgrade your car with NFTs, race in the arena and even join a drive tribe and get sponsorships.

As a player in the Nitro League, you have complete control over your experience. Earn RP tokens for race participation and use these to level up your NFTs and gain higher rarity cars. The rarer the car, the better performance, which rewards you more.

The Nitro League metaverse space is called the Nitroverse. In the Nitroverse, you can play the fully functional racing game in a sandbox-style environment. Additionally, you can even choose your role, operating as a racer, collector, shopkeeper and other numerous functions.

image of a person sitting on a futuristic car in the Nitro League world NFT
The Nitroverse is changing the way Nitro League is played, allowing players to choose their destiny

Obviously, you earn tokens based on performance and skill. However, in addition to this, you can customize your vehicle, adding NFTs on them. For example, if you own a BAYC NFT, you can add it to your car, giving it a unique and personalized twist.

The next step

Basically, the NFT marketplace and virtual garage are the logical next step for Nitro League as they expand their metaverse. The Nitroverse is a combination of eSports and cryptocurrency. This is a blend of two exciting technologies, and we are seeing more and more of these types of partnerships emerging.

The game itself is built by a well-established gaming team. Some of the team’s achievements include over 500 million app store downloads and numerous crypto projects and economies in a combined value of over $3 billion. In fact, all of the in-game assets and utilities are NFTs.

image of light green futuristic car
The Nitro League team partnered with DAFI Protocol and Polinate to create the unique DAFI Protocol Nitro Car.

NFT marketplace and Virtual Garage

The Nitro League NFT marketplace will change the game completely, allowing players to interact with their cars on a whole new level. You will be able to buy, sell and trade your way to success. These items will include engines, boosters, decals, tires, paint jobs, brakes, headlights, hoods, taillights, etc. 

Recently, Nitro League teamed up with Terra Virtua, and they are working on a new collection that will be available on the marketplace.

Meanwhile, the virtual garage is a space for players to relax and work on their cars. Using robotic machinery and digital controls, it has an easy user face to help you navigate the area and have fun with your vehicle.

You can work on upgrades, showcase your NFTs and compete in mini-games. Also, you can engage with other players and work together.

Finally, the NFT marketplace and virtual garage directly result from Nitro League player feedback. It is an excellent sign for the emerging company. It shows they are willing to listen to their users and take it on board. If they continue to do so, it won’t be long before Nitro League is racing ahead of the competition




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