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Pablo Stanley, Robotos NFT Founder, Ended up in Hospital Due to Stress

Pablo Stanley, the iconic artist behind Robotos NFT Collection, shared how he ended up in the hospital due to stress. The incident happened back in November 2021 but he is sharing it now to remind everyone that you need to take care of yourself.

About Pablo Stanley’s Hospital Episode

Stanley is one of the most revered digital artists in the space. He has previously contributed to the design with open-source illustrations like Open PeepsHumaaans, AvataaarsButttsBottts, and Open Doodles. His 10,000 droid characters in Robotos have pulled in a lifetime tradeable volume of 11,400 ETH or $34,410,216 on OpenSea. However, his success did not spare him from the toll that an NFT project can take on someone.

Shifting to a lighter mood, he updated the Twitter thread, to assure everyone that he is absolutely better now. He explained that he is still learning how to set limits for himself and the team. He added, “I’ll admit, it’s tough sometimes. It’s easy to get confused and think it’s ok to overwork because it’s your passion.”

His main intention for sharing his experience along with 2 photos of him in a hospital bed and a wheelchair is to advocate work-life balance. He reminded his over 80,000 followers: “Learn from me—put your health first.”

This is not the first time someone has pointed out the correlation between NFTs and one’s health. In an emotional post, NFT Now President and Co-Founder Alejandro Navia described his own experiences with burn-outs and expressed his concern over the NFT community as a whole. Make sure to check our Editorial piece as well: The NFT industry and mental health problems – Is there a correlation?

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