Home Metaverse PARAZEN Pioneer NFT collection is ready for true adventures!

PARAZEN Pioneer NFT collection is ready for true adventures!

PARAZEN PARALAND featuring very colourful futuristic NFT avatars

The PARAZEN Pioneer NFT collection is finally here, and it is out of this world. PARAZENs are the lucky few, a group of individuals given access to the promised land. Blessed with superpowers, they travel through time and space, entering parallel universes.

PARAZEN PARALAND featuring very colourful futuristic NFT avatars
The PARAZEN pioneer NFT collection is available to mint on December 30th.

PARAZEN is a secret migration party. In fact, just 721 pioneers can take part in this adventure. However, this will be a randomized, fair and accessible process. Essentially, they want to recruit as many talented individuals as possible from various backgrounds.

This unique opportunity begins on December 30th at 8 PM (UTC+8), exclusively on the PARAZEN website using the Polygon blockchain.


What is the PARAZEN NFT Collection All about?

Being a PARAZEN comes with some fantastic benefits. There’s even rumours of their own metaverse world to come along with it.

If you are lucky enough to be selected as a PARAZEN you will be able to see how your authentic self appears. Each PARAZEN has several cool features and randomized attributes.

one of the PARAZEN nft avatars, a blonde woman with pink background.
PARAZEN is using NFT tech on a whole new level.

Incredibly,  all PARAZEN NFTs are equipped with an Augmented Reality (AR) feature. Once minted, holders may use the QR code to activate the AR avatar. Moreover, special rewards are waiting for those early PARAZEN NFT pioneers. Apparently, they will also have a chance to unlock limited edition content.

In short, PARAZEN NFTs are an entirely new way of interpreting the world. They want to combine all of your favourite things, to create something that truly represents you.

Upcoming Community Campaign

Meanwhile, PARAZEN wants to focus on building a solid community. Recently, they held a host of community competitions with huge prizes available. 

 Luckily for you, the last contest is about to begin: Get involved with the PARAZEN fan art contest this week from December 26th-28th. Create the winning piece of fan art and earn a prestigious “candidate” role. Reportedly, “Candidates” will have the chance to receive unique and exclusive rewards in the future.

PARAZEN Elections

Fancy yourself as a true leader? Well, now you can be. PARAZENs will select and vote for a leader to take them forward into the unknown.

Finally, the day of departure will be upon us. On December 30th, you will have the opportunity to start a new life in a completely new world with the PARAZEN NFT. Indeed, adventure awaits if you are bold enough.


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