Popcorn Bucket Themed NFT By Unboxing Queen TikTok Star Kayla Freitas

There’s no doubt that NFTs are becoming more mainstream, and what once was reserved purely for the ‘crypto bros’ is now becoming an industry and tradeable artform that everyone can take part in.

Of course, with a rise in popularity comes the rise in influencers taking interest in NFTs and crypto, influencers who perhaps would not have considered NFTs to be part of their niche before.

In the same way that many have released product lines and make-up palettes, some are now choosing to release NFT collections instead.

Who is Kayla Freitas?

This is clear through releases by influencers such as popular TikTok star Kayla Freitas, aka Travelmormoirs, who is known for her Disney-themed videos, particularly her series focusing on her collection of popcorn buckets that are sold at the Disneyland theme parks.

These are collectible items, typically made of plastic that are designed to hold a box of popcorn that the Disney theme parks also sell but are decorated to resemble certain characters, movies, or motifs found in Disney works. For instance, there are buckets shaped like baby Simba from The Lion King, the pumpkin coach in Cinderella, or Mickey Mouse.

Kayla posts videos of her unwrapping new buckets that she has added to her collection, and regularly discusses ones she wants to find with her followers. Therefore, it makes sense that her debut NFT collection features popcorn bucket designs, though these are the traditional striped ones found across the US.

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