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Sci-Fi Classics from H.G. Wells and More to be Sold as NFTs on WAX

Sci-Fi ART vIRL NFTs on the WAX blockchain

WAX is indulging the NFT community with another set of vIRL NFTs and this time, Sci-Fi Classics are taking center stage. The “Sci-Fi Art Anthology” NFT collection will be a dream come true blue sci-fan fans! The series features illustrations from Sci-Fi books, movies, magazines and radio shows from 1910 to 1970.

Before we give you the juicy details, let’s cover the fundamentals. What are vIRL NFTs? WAX blockchain owns the trademark for this innovative NFT variant that lets holders own physical items without taking delivery. Owning a vIRL® is having the option of selling, holding the NFT or redeeming the physical item. In essence, it saves the environment from excess shipping. Win-win for everyone!

Sci-Fi Art NFT Collection on WAX Blockchain

The auction is now live via WAX Digital. It promises fans a “chance to own a truly collectible 1-of-1 NFT and a museum quality fine-art print.” So just imagine scoring classic Sci-Fi Art pieces before the glory days of George Lucas, Gene Roddenberry and Steven Spielberg.

To get things started, ‘A Story of Days to Come’ is now accepting bids. This 1-of-1 NFT and unique canvas print was originally seen in H.G. Wells’ 1929 publication All Seeing Eye Amazing Stories. Since this is a vIRL NFT, the winning bidder can redeem it for a stunning 19×24 inch museum-grade physical print.

Sci-Fi ART vIRL NFTs on the WAX blockchain
Nostalgic Sci-Fi NFT Collection is now accepting bids on Wax Digita’s website! Credit: WAX Digital

The NFT features the vibrant artwork of Frank R. Paul as he transforms Wells’ vision of future society into an enchanting art piece. It features the use of bold and contrasting colors and exciting illustrations of futuristic concepts.

How vivid? Close your eyes and picture “staircases descending into subterranean transports. Then, the first glass screen projecting advertising on the office building, showing the latest in Womens’ hats.” This iconic and historic artwork was brought back to life in the 2000s. A team of digital artists did a masterful job restoring it from the famed “Ackerman Collection” (curated between 1910 and 1970).

Sci-Fi x NFTs

Meanwhile, there are other exciting Sci-Fi NFTs in the space. Recently, Star Trek Creator Gene Roddenberry dropped the world’s first living eco NFT. Basically, Roddenberry Entertainment coded his authentic signature into the DNA of a living bacterial organism via NFT. Then, the cell can “double at a rate that will create over a billion copies” of the NFT.

So if you want to cop this 1/1 NFT  from the carbon-neutral platform, then head over to the listing page! 

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