Home Metaverse Snoop Dogg Preps Wave 2 Of Metaverse Land Sale Featuring Steve Aoki

Snoop Dogg Preps Wave 2 Of Metaverse Land Sale Featuring Steve Aoki

Poster for Snoop Dogg Land sale in the metaverse

Forget the metaverse, who wants to be a part of Snoop Dogg’s “Snoopverse”? Apparently superstar DJ Steve Aoki and NFT project SupDucks do! Today The Sandbox started an auction for virtual land that borders the mega rapper’s in-game estate. What’s more, The Sandbox used the sale to welcome new virtual estates belonging to Steve Aoki and SupDucks.

Poster for Snoop Dogg Land sale in the metaverse
Snoop Dogg’s metaverse land sale will officially welcome Steve Aoki to The Sandbox. Credit: The Sandbox

The Sandbox Looks To Repeat Success Of First Snoop Dogg Land Sale

Wave 2 comes barely 2 weeks after Snoop Dogg’s first metaverse land sale in The Sandbox. This isn’t surprising however. After all, the first edition was a huge success. As a matter of fact, someone paid over $450,000 to be Snoop Dogg’s virtual neighbor during the first sale. And judging by current auction prices, this sale won’t be any different.

To clarify, metaverse land in The Sandbox is split into different kinds of LAND, and estates. For this sale, there are 134 LANDs for sale, 64 premium LANDs, and 5 small estates in the sale. All of which are next to Snoop Dogg’s Sandbox metaverse estate.

At the time of writing, each of the 5 estates has a bid of 20,000 SAND. This amounts to about $106,000. Not to mention that a single Opensea user is the one who placed each of these currently leading bids.

The other major factor at play is the introduction of Steve Aoki and SupDucks to The Sandbox metaverse. Without a doubt, Steve Aoki was one of the earliest major celebrities to embrace NFTs and has been making moves in the space for months. Most recently he went on an NFT shopping spree that landed him a Bored Ape.

On the other hand are the SupDucks. That 10K avatar collection is a mainstay on NFT Twitter. Indeed their nearly 50,000 followers and 3,000+ owners are likely thrilled about the major collaboration with the leading metaverse platform. The floor price of the SupDucks currently sits at 0.9 ETH – around $3600 – on Opensea.

All things considered, it’s another day, another NFT win for both Snoop Dogg and The Sandbox.

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