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Struggling to grow your NFT community? Avoid these mistakes

NFT community mistakes
NFT community mistakes

As NFTs have become the new fad, and the success of the NFT project depends on its hype and community trust, let’s learn mistakes that creators do while creating the NFT community and how to avoid them.

NFT community mistakes
NFT community mistakes

1. Do Not Start A Discord

Right now, NFTs are riding high on discord. It had been so in 2021 but stay away from it this year. Though it is one of the easiest marketing tools, it is a big NO if you want to showcase how good your community is having a discord with zero engagement. It is like painting a bullseye on your NFT to show that your project is poor and will quickly turn people off from your project.

If you want to use discord, ensure there is an activity in it, people are engaging and talking on the platform. You can either do it by conducting activities each day to keep it exciting or models like having a discord manager who will do it for you.

Since having a proper discord requires quite a lot of work and time, we recommend building up your Twitter base. It will take less time, and only when you have the following and the time to manage the discord then start. But remember, stay away from buying fake members. Though it might seem quite lucrative to show you have 20 thousand people following you, your discord is dead when there is no activity. It is better to have five followers engaged in the platform than a dead community.

Another advice and mistake to avoid in discord is staying away from scammers. It is very easy to get duped by them, but it is your duty as the admin to keep the users safe.

2. Stopping The Scammers

Irrespective of the size of your NFT, it is quite possible that you will get messages from people/followers who will say they are engaging with you and your NFT. But in reality, it might be a fake account in your name that is scamming people and taking money. This eventually will affect your reputation. So, it is your job to state to your followers and people what is fake and what you do for a project. For example, make it evident that you do not take payments over Twitter and reach out to projects to promote them.

3. Stay Away From Engagement Traps

When you get messages like ‘I have some Ethereum, and I will buy your project, just post your project links below. In 99.9 percent of cases, these are fake and have no intention of buying your project. Instead, they do this to form an engagement. It is a process through which many people intend to increase their following. It is achieved since their comments get pushed around the platforms. So, in 2022 identify fake engagements and stay away from them.

4. Stop Telling Rather Show

No one is interested in what you tell people about your project. So instead, show how innovative and different your project is. It will help your project sell better, but it is hard to do. The best way to go about it is to write down how your project is different and then, for each point, describe how you can show to your audience it is different.

For example, it means nothing when a project says they have 2000 followers in a discord. Instead, document how people engage in your project by creating a live event and then using it to show your community.

5. Do Not Make Your Beef Public

Even when you are right about something, the last thing you want is for people to see how petty you are.

In 2021 Twitter became a platform where credible people tried to outsmart the influencers. So when someone says something about NFT, discord, cryptocurrency, crypto-collectibles, or blockchain, you do not have to argue with them publicly.

Yes, it’s true at times, the argument can create a following, but there is a fine line between the former and you becoming a petty person showing beef with the other for no reason. So you have to decide on that fine line if you want to argue with someone on a social platform.

Ready To Create?

It is time to avoid all these top five mistakes, create drool-worthy NFT projects, and build your business for the better.

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