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The British Museum Now Accepts Ether for NFTs of Their Exhibits

The British Museum NFT store

The British Museum, which hopped on the NFT bandwagon late last year, is now accepting payments for its NFTs in Ether. Forbes senior editor Michael del Castillo recently shared the news on Twitter. According to him, the museum’s NFT store is integrated with MetaMask and Fortmatic.

The British Museum NFT store
The institution has partnered with LaCollection to launch NFTs. Credits: Michael del Castillo

“It’s happening so fast…,” he tweeted. “The British Museum, home to the Rosetta Stone and Parthenon Marbles, now accepts ethereum for NFT versions of their exhibits, and is integrated with @MetaMask and @Fortmatic. For 148,000 euros you can buy a digital Katsushika Hokusai.”

The British Museum’s foray into the NFT scene

The British Museum entered the NFT scene in September 2021. It had collaborated with the NFT platform, LaCollection, to drop NFT versions of legendary Japanese artist, Katsushika Hokusai’s works. Over 200 Hokusai NFTs were part of the collection.

“It is so important that as a museum we continually adapt to new markets and find new ways of reaching people that we may not reach through traditional channels,” Craig Bendle, licensing manager at the British Museum, had said

After the successful launch of Hokusai NFTs, The British Museum and LaCollection has announced a new collection based on the paintings by William Turner. Turner is one of the most-loved English Romantic artists in history. What’s more, he’s known as ‘the painter of light’ due to his use of brilliant colours in his landscapes and seascapes.

The British Museum is selling 20 NFT artworks based on the legendary artist’s works. In addition, the NFTs will be available in three rarities: Ultra Rare, Super Rare, and Open Edition. The first Ultra Rare and Open Edition NFTs will be available exclusively to those who previously bought Hokusai NFTs. The private sale will go live between 8 – 9 February 2022. After this, the public sale will open on 9 February and last till 5 March.

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