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The January Dapps Report focuses on three popular NFT collections

Image of the Dapps Report front cover, showing NFTs of a bear and others on a blue background

The second edition of the January Dapps Report is finally here, concentrating on three popular NFT collections. The Dapps Report provides an in-depth report on PhantaBear, OxyaOriginProject, and Flyfish Club. The report by DappRadar looks at the projects and acts as a deep dive, analysing financial metrics and providing an extensive overview.

Image of the Dapps Report front cover, showing NFTs of a bear and others on a blue background
The Dapps Report by DappRadar focuses on three new NFT collections, offering a comprehensive analysis.

What is the Dapps Report?

This new series by DappRadar is a welcome addition for people interested in NFT statistics and research. It delivers high-quality reports on new and promising NFT collections, with the level of detail we have come to expect from DappRadar, one of the biggest data companies in the crypto space.

Each report is going to look at different projects and their popularity. Some of the things studied are sales activity, price analysis, and distribution. It also details the Unique Holder Ratio and the Whale Concentration Index. Furthermore, the report looks at whale behaviour patterns and social and technical overviews.

This edition of the Dapps Report looks at the first two weeks in January and the three NFT collections that have stood out during that time. The Dapps Report team believes these three NFT collections will continue to grow in status and gives people the opportunity to learn more about them now with their detailed analysis.


PhantaBear is the first of the three NFT collections in the Dapps report. This is an incredibly unique project, a collaboration between Chinese production company, The Ezek Group, and PHANTACi, the fashion brand owned by Chinese superstar Jay Chou. The collection of 10,000 PhantaBears now has a floor price of 2.387 ETH.

PhantaBear is doing incredibly well, and the NFT space is taking the project to heart, particularly in the Chinese market. Considering it only launched on January 1st, the current total sales volume of 27.5K ETH (around $86 million at the time of writing) is incredible. It is currently ranked 11th amongst the most traded NFT collections on OpenSea over the last seven days. 

image of a PhantaBear NFT
PhantaBear is one of the NFT collections analysed in the Dapps Report.

Oxya Origin Project

The second project in the Dapps Report highlights the fascinating Oxya Origin Project. A collection of 7898 avatars made by a team of seasoned 3D artists and designers, with previous work on Netflix Series The Witcher and videogames such as Far Cry 6.

There is an extensive roadmap, and the intention is for the NFTs to be used in a playable universe. This NFT collection is barely a week only but is doing exceedingly well. There is certainly room to grow at a current floor of .34 ETH for this new exciting project. The Dapps Report ranks Oxya as the 21st most traded NFT collection in the last seven days on OpenSea.

Flyfish Club

Meanwhile, Flyfish Club is currently undergoing its second wind, initially launching in late December. The collection is by the VCR group, headed by NFT influencer Gary Vee. In recent days the project announced the fine dining experience that comes with the NFT. The collection is trading at 49th on OpenSea with a volume of about $5 million in the last seven days. 

Dapps Report high standards

Finally, DappRadar continues to set high standards, and the reports offer a great insight into new projects. The Dapps Report detailed analysis is a breath of fresh air for the NFT space, offering a comprehensive and detailed look into NFT collections for experts and NFT beginners who want to know more.

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