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The NFT Worlds Scavenger Hunt Reward Totals Around a Huge $90K

The NFT Worlds is hosting a scavenger hunt to showcase its platform! If you’re up for the challenge, you have to find the twelve words of a mnemonic seed phrase. Getting the right ones will give you access to a wallet with 3 ETH and 500,000 $WRLD token inside with a combined value of $90,000!

The team organized the scavenger hunt in a custom NFT World and the quest is already well underway. To get into the Scavenger Hunt, you need to install Minecraft Java Edition (versions 1.17 to 1.18.1 are all compatible). Go to “Multiplayer,” then “Direct Connection,” then enter hunt.nftworlds.com.

About The NFT Worlds’ Scavenger Hunt

There are five instances of the scavenger hunt world, each able to support about 300 players at a time. Players can easily swap between the instances to meet up with friends and teammates. Once in the game, you switch to a different instance by typing “/server HuntX” (replace the X with the instance number you want to join) in the console.

As an ode to the tradition of other blockchain-based puzzles, 12 puzzles are spread across the world. As you go along, the level of difficulty will also increase. So the first puzzles are easier to solve than the later ones. Each puzzle unlocks one of the twelve words for the mnemonic seed phrase. The order of the puzzles is the same as the order of the words in the phrase.

What’s good about the mechanics is that teams have a fighting chance to catch up to leading teams. For example, there’s a rumor that some teams are already working on the eighth puzzle. Since the difficulty level is progressive, other teams can get a break to cut the gap. In addition, there’s also a possibility that their answers are wrong.

If you think you have a shot, start inviting your friends and head over to The NFT Worlds’ Discord channel!

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