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The Sevens drop Companions and update their staking mechanism

Man in suit next to  balck car in The Sevens Metaverse

The Sevens started as a company with 7000 randomly generated pieces of art quickly evolving into much more, including a metaverse. With a new Marketing and Social Media Manager and Brand Advisor, some changes have quickly come. This includes an update about The Sevens Companions. 

To add more utility to the Companions they believe they can increase the amount minted. The team at The Sevens would like these changes to increase the size of their metaverse. 

Man in suit next to  balck car in The Sevens Metaverse
Credit- The Sevens Official- Medium

What is changing?

Full-size special edition established Ensuring that there will be plenty, a total of 7,000 Companions will be generated. When fully utilising, this will be important for the staking multipliers. The price will be lowered to 350 $ZENI meaning when someone collects 700 $ZENI will be able to mint 2 Companions. 


Utility for the Companions At the end of the Companion sale they will be hosting a new staking program. People involved will have to un-stake from the previous contract. They will then get on the new staking program where you can increase your amount of $ZENI. Once adding a Companion to Season One NFT your staking output can accelerate from 7 per day to 20. 


Season 1 The Sevens = 7 $Zeni Per Day

Companion on its own = 3 $Zeni Per Day

S1 and Companion = 20 $Zeni Per Day + Free Metaverse Wearable

How will this affect the Metaverse?

The ownership of a Companion and a full set of The Sevens collection unlocks premium benefits in the Metaverse. 


A large portion of the sale revenue from the Companions public sale will be used to purchase more land in the Metaverse. The expansion of presence will increase the value of The Sevens on Decentraland. 


In conclusion, The Seven have listened to their new staff members and are willing to make changes. This flexibility and willingness to adapt as a company is only a good thing. We are looking forward to hearing what they will be announcing next. 

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