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USPS NFTs are rising and since their work with Veve, we expect more


With physical post stamps being one of the most collected items in the real world, the United States Postal Service, or USPS have launched their own NFTs through the highly popular and growing VeVe platform.

USPS made their step into NFTs with their partnership with VeVe. Now, we expect more.


USPS and VeVe announced their partnership in November of 2021. The original launch of NFTs was dedicated to Día de Los Muertos or Day of the Dead. There were 4 different NFTs to get. The original price of the NFTs were sold for $6. Now, on the secondary market, the price sits at a minimum of 158 gems, which is equivalent to $158 USD, for a common NFT.

Later on, the USPS released four other NFTs on the platforms which were Christmas themed. They are going for a minimum of 42 gems, or $42. There is certainly a clear demand in the secondary market for these NFT versions of stamps.

We’re sure to see more NFTs from USPS based on the extreme popularity of the collection of physical stamps and further, the previous success of the launches. Also, based on the growth of the VeVe platform, each drop is continuing to sell out quicker and quicker each time.

The United States Postal Service

The United States Postal Service. Also known as the USPS, Post Office, US Mail or Postal Service is an independent agency of the US Government. They deal with the postal services of the United States.

The branch was founded in Washington D.C. in 1971. Altogether, they have a total of over 630,000+ employees who work for them. The reported revenue of the branch is $73 billion in 2020.

Emphatically, stamp collecting is one of the oldest forms of collectibles. It has been suggested that John Bourke who was the Receiver General of Stamp Dues in Ireland was the first collector in 1774. It has been a huge niche within both the UK and US, as well as around the world.

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