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Utility-driven NFT To Bring SOLidarity to The Solana Space

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AGE of SAM (AOS) is getting ready to blast off via Magic Eden’s launchpad! The upcoming Solana NFT project boasts some epic lore and unique hold-to-earn utility. All of which factors in some of the best NFTs in the Solana ecosystem.

Age of Sam poster
The AOS NFTs offer major utilities, especially for holders of 12 specific Solana projects.

Age of Sam poised to become a blue-chip Solana utility NFT

 AGE of SAM has one of the most unique roadmaps of any Solana NFT to date. To explain, AGE of SAM is bringing extended utility to 12 Solana NFT collections. This includes SolPunks, Piggy Sol Gang, Jungle Cats, and KAM1 to name a few.

In the story of AOS, these 12 projects represent the 12 factions of the House of Sol. For one thing, AGE of SAM is looking to bring all of these NFT communities together by placing them in its lore.

In fact, AOS will put 20% of mint revenue and 20% of secondary sales into its community wallet. These funds will be used to purchase a selection of Solana NFTs represented by the 12 factions of House SOL. AOS will then have giveaways of these NFTs for its community every week.

Not to mention the fact that holders of these NFTs will benefit from what AGE of SAM is calling “hold-to-earn”. Thus, the system of rewards in AOS doesn’t just allow the project to reward its holders. It also incentivizes its partner projects’ holders to buy into AOS and vice versa.

Poster two different rarities of Age of Sam NFTs
AGE of SAM has 12 NFT “factions” and eight rarities, with each rank adding to the lore.

AOS holders will stake their NFTs to earn “Solarium”

The SAM in AGE of SAM stands for “Solarium Autonomous Miner”. This plays heavily into the project’s lore. To sum up, Solarium is a precious resource in AOS. The SAMs each belong to a different House of Sol faction.

Holders of the AOS NFTs will stake their NFTs in “Moon Missions”. Each mission lasts for seven days. The amount of Solarium each AOS NFT will earn per Moon Mission depends on its rarity or, “rank”. There are eight ranks of AOS NFTs.

However, the ranks of the AGE of SAM NFTs aren’t the only thing that affects the amount of Solarium earned. Indeed, holders will pay a “Paper Hands Tax” on their Solarium, if they unstake their NFT before the mission ends. The earlier they unstake, the higher the tax.

Solarium ($SLRM) is also the utility and governance token in AGE of SAM. Holders can use it to build Moon Bases and purchase upgrades. What’s more $SLRM will also be tradable on decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

poster with Age of Sam and SolPunks
SolPunks holders are one of the communities that will get to boost their Moon Mission rewards in AOS.

AOS’ “Hold-to-Earn” model rewards 12 Solana NFT communities

Finally, holders of any of the 12 NFTs from the House of Sol will be able to boost their rewards from Moon Missions. This is what AGE of SAM refers to as its “hold-to-earn” utility.

All holders need is an NFT representing one of the House of Sol factions in their wallet. As a result, they can earn 1.5x the amount of Solarium per Moon Mission. In addition, if their NFT matches the faction of their AOS then they will earn 2x the amount of Solarium.

 The AGE of SAM Lightpaper, available on the AOS website is a great document that lays out all the details and lore for this fun, utility-packed project.

AOS promo banner
AGE of SAM mints for 1 SOL, at the end of January.

All things considered, AGE of SAM offers one of the most creative token-earning models in Solana NFTs. In particular, the decision to use other NFT projects as part of its lore stands out. As well as its simple, story-driven, stake-to-earn features, which bring to mind the runaway success of Ethereum’s Wolf Game.

The mint for AGE of SAM NFTs will be at the end of January at a mint price of 1 SOL. Until then, the project will be giving away over $50,000 in NFTs and whitelist spots. These will happen by way of several poker and trivia contests every week. Be sure to check out The AGE of SAM Twitter and Discord to stay in the loop.

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