What is Yug Metaverse? India’s first Metaverse Marriage

First Metaverse Wedding Yug Metaverse

What is Yug Metaverse? Know complete details.

On 5th February 2022, Abhijeet and Sansrati invited people to World’s First Metaverse marriage on Indian Metaverse Platform Yug.

This was one of a kind event that invited the attention of Metaverse enthusiasts all over the globe. Around 500 guests attended the marriage, this marriage was sponsored by ITC, Bharat Matrimony, and Coco-cola.

What is Yug Metaverse

Coca Cola Sponsorship in Yug Metaverse
Coca Cola Sponsorship in Yug Metaverse

Yug is India’s first Metaverse platform creating immersive 3D experiences in which Content Creators, Brands, and Businesses can advertise and monetize their content in an immersive way not possible with 2D content.

Real Wedding displayed on screen in Yug Metaverse
Real Wedding displayed on screen in Yug Metaverse
Bharat Matrimony sponsorship in Yug Metaverse
Bharat Matrimony sponsorship in Yug Metaverse

Who created Yug Metaverse

Yug is created by Utkarsh Shukla a Technology Entrepreneur who did his Engineer from IIT Kanpur in Metallurgy.

Utkarsh was the founder of Arrow AI earlier and is now the creator of Yug Metaverse.

“Metaverse is a new concept and its adoption is still at an early stage worldwide. We wanted India to lead and be at the forefront of this technology revolution, and hence we built a Metaverse Platform, YUG, in India. The team is excited to explore the possibilities that emerging technologies like metaverse, blockchain & cryptocurrency will open up in the future.” – Utkarsh Shukla

How to enter Yug Metaverse

One can download its app from Google Playstore and enter it into its Metaverse. After downloading one can create an account around its spaces of Wedding and Valentine’s Day.

How to purchase Land in Yug Metaverse

One can purchase items and land through its app only, they provide a dedicated section for land purchase and trading, at the time of writing this article the app is in beta mode only so no trading is going on right now. You will need a digital wallet and YUG tokens to purchase the land. Land can also be sold to other users.

Final Thoughts

As the Metaverse industry is booming and reportedly would be a $1 Trillion Dollar market in near future, It’s great to see indigenous metaverse coming from India and attracting a lot of global attention. Currently, Yug has around 100 downloads and a 5-star rating on the play store.