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World of Women reaches an incredible 9ETH floor price after a celebrity buzz

world of women floor price

World of Women has hit the big time after reaching an incredible 9ETH ($30,138.13) floor price. The women-centric project has made more than $40 million in two weeks. What’s more – its popularity is increasing after becoming a celebrity favourite.

world of women floor price
WoW’s floor price has skyrocketed thanks to celebrity interest.

After the project’s launch in July, the collection sold out almost immediately. Back then, all World of Women NFTs were priced at 0.07ETH ($225). Now, they’re going for hundreds of thousands of dollars on the secondary market.

World of Women and Hollywood

World of Women is, undoubtedly, Hollywood’s latest favourite trend. Reese Witherspoon was the first celebrity to kick off the WoW trend. She did this by changing her profile picture to a WoW NFT that looks like her.

Others quickly followed, notably television producer Shonda Rhimes; A-list actress Eva Longoria; beauty influencer and entrepreneur Huda Kattan; Olympic gold medallist Napheesa Collier; Bumble chief brand officer Selby Drummond; ex-One Direction member Liam Payne and Mexican singer Thalía – to name but a few.

World of Women sealed the celebrity deal when they announced Madonna’s ex-manager, Guy Oseary, as WoW’s new manager. When this news came out, the floor price had risen to a point where the project is now valued at a quarter of a billion dollars. On the following Wednesday, 347 WoW NFTs were sold for approximately 8.9 ETH each.

A time to renew its vows to charity

World of Women’s success means that the team is now reconfiguring its vows to donate some of its earnings to charity. As a result, the project hired philanthropy advisor Inna Modja to navigate the project ahead of its larger, spinoff collection due later this year. One thing is for sure – World of Women shows no sign of stopping!

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