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XCOPY, Top NFT Artist in the Industry is Copied, Calls for Twitter Verification


Someone just copied the Twitter username of top NFT artist XCOPY! The community is worried because the dupe is not easy to spot. The authentic account uses the letter “O” while the fake account bears the numerical value “0.”

BEWARE! Someone created a fake XCOPYART Twitter account. Credit: Twitter (@XCOPYART)

XCOPY’s Twitter Scare: Satire, Joke or a Warning? 

As of press time, the intention of the fake user remains unknown. Some of XCOPY’s 122 Thousand-strong followers are suggesting that it’s just a form of humor. After all, the username has the word “COPY” on it. However, some fans are worried and urging everyone to be extra cautious. This is understandable because hacks and scams on Discord have been hitting the headlines the past few weeks.

XCOPY enjoys a huge following on Twitter, so it would have been a disaster if no one noticed the fake account. As a result, the community is calling on Twitter to verify the account of the London-based digital artist.

So why is this situation causing such a stir in the NFT Community? Simply put, XCOPY is the original gangster in the crypto art world. As an original artist on SuperRare and seeing success on Nifty Gateway with four launches on the platform, XCOPY is a leader in the NFT art community. So let’s just say that the community is protective of him.

In addition, he also regularly with his Twitter followers by focusing on messages of positivity and growth. So the platform is sacred to both the artist and the fans.

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