Home Celebs Yuvraj Singh sells his NFT for ₹44 Lakh on Colexion Platform.

Yuvraj Singh sells his NFT for ₹44 Lakh on Colexion Platform.


Yuvraj Singh’s 1st-century bat in space 2003

Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh recently launched his Rare NFT collection on the Colexion Platform. One is his warrior NFT called EPITOME OF WARRIOR which is a limited edition NFT available on the Colexion marketplace for $40 only, making the frenzy of his fans. Another one is his one single 1st Century Bat which has a bid of whooping 16 ETH ($59,506.40) which can be bought on Opensea.

Yuvraj Singh's 1st Century Bat NF
1st Century Bat NFT
Epitome of warrior NFT
The epitome of warrior NFT

Talking about this release Yuvraj said – “NFTs in cricket are allowing us to connect with our fans like never before. I am happy to partner with Colexion to share precious tokens from my cricketing journey with the people who have loved and encouraged me every step of the way. Developing a digital avatar for us to be able to connect and share our love for cricket is a powerful concept, and Colexion has enabled me to take my first steps in this world”

Making his fans even more crazy fans by purchasing the NFTs, the buyers will enjoy a number of perks, including a chance to play 6 balls with Yuvraj and win exclusive merchandise of the cricketer. Fans will get an opportunity to interact and earn precious rewards in the form of merchandise and signed memorabilia.

His 1st Century bat was also released into space using a hot air balloon by Space company Sent Into Space through which he also gave a special message to his fans.

“The premium NFT collection of Yuvraj Singh will be an opportunity for the fans to engage with their favourite star. We’ll launch an autographed cricket bat along with a 3D statue of the cricketer, providing an exclusive opportunity to fans to own his digital collectibles,” said Abhay Aggrawal, CEO of Colexion.